There are two new polls out tonight. The daily YouGov poll for the Sun has topline figures of CON 33%, LAB 42%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 8%, so after an eleven point lead yesterday we are back into the middle of the normal nine to ten point lead that YouGov have averaged around for the last month or so.

Secondly there is a new poll from TNS BMRB, conducted over the last three days, which has topline figures of CON 30%(-2), LAB 42%(+2), LDEM 11%(+1), Others 17%(-1). Changes are from their last poll in June.

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  1. This is just bizarre. I think Nick Robinson has slipped yet another place in the “beyond reality” awards.

  2. @Paul

    What’s he said now?

  3. No not him: I just think ON is storming into an unassailable lead and making the rest of us seem quite dull and normal.


    “seem”? ;-)

  5. I hadn’t realised that HM had gone along with the parachute gag, and taken part in the filming!

    Good for her!

  6. Point of Information:

    The National Patient Safety Agency (which no longer exists by the way) was not “UK-wide”. It was an English NHS agency.

    It has been replaced by the NHS Commissioning Board, which is also England only.

    That was the first and only organisation I checked, and my sample came up with a result showing Jayblanc to be 100% wrong. I’m satisfied that this meets my personal stringent statistical criteria for sample research. Or, in other words, I can’t be arsed checking out all the rest.


    I only checked 2 of his list – for the same reason!

  8. “Seem” – well ok, actually ARE normal then. Thankyou.


    I suspected that would be your response.

    Most people use “normal” to describe the limited understanding that is exhibited in their immediate social group.

    It wasn’t a compliment.

  10. Olenut:

    I thought you were weird but you’re even weirder than I thought. No wonder you like to remain anonymous.

    Since you’re so great at analysis of language you may consider that I wasn’t referring to me but “EVERYONE else” [I think my words were quite clear?}

    Anyway, do carry on: you take my mind off the chronic pain I suffer [no, not you, that bit is funny[ that NHS only just keep under control.

    Have some cocoa.

  11. Oh, and a simple poll would demonstrate that that is unlikely to be how “most” people regard the word “normal.”

    Why you in a small corner of the world always seem to think you have the insight to what “most” people think is one of your least attractive traits [and there is plenty of competition.]

  12. @ Old Nat

    I consider NI to be part of the UK.


    My sympathies about the chronic pain.

    My sciatica is bad enough, but chronic pain is a different matter altogether.

    On “normal”, there has been interesting polling on how people see issues like income in the same band as themselves as being “normal” – regardless of what that income happens to be.

    You will also have noted that many polls (including YG) frequently ask questions with phraseology such as “people like me”. That isn’t accidental.

    My “small corner of the world” is no smaller than your’s SoCalLiberal’s or anyone else’s. We all have access to evidence from the net – if we bother to access it.

  14. Amber

    We agree! (We could hardly do otherwise.)

    NI is part of the UK. However. my point was that the healthcare system there has never been officially called “the NHS”. The generic term “NHS” is still used widely there.

    So what about the other non-UK health workers that Unison represents?

  15. Ta for the sympathy – I am a very lucky person in many ways [most ways actually, thinking across the world] but its still a great source of frustration as a musician who no longer has to spend the greater part of his time teaching to now lack the “well” time to progress in quite the way I had expected.

    I think “normal” and “typical” are construed differently. For example I think [note “think”] that DC is more “normal” than TB although I dislike the tory party a lot. But, in a world sense, none of us in these islands are really “typical” if one thinks, health, longevity, life-style, affluence and so on.

    So I dispute what you say although I understand it: most people [I would say} think “normal” means not bonkers, like, for example….. oh, I dunno, can’t think of anyone.

    Have your cocoa now – mine was lovely.

  16. oh, a last brief word: everyone’s “small corner” is the same size and I didn’t imply differently


    Even more sympathy!

    I have family members who are artists (I’m crap!) and have heard their frustrations when health problems prevent them from creating. That must be really tough for you.

    As to terminology, I learned many years ago that a lot of arguments actually are based on semantic, rather than “real”, differences.

    I suggest that we agree to disagree, and bury the hatchet – but not in each other’s skulls!

  18. Oh dear: Just when we were getting along so badly world peace breaks out!

    Cheers, take care.


  19. @ Tinged Fringe

    “I think we’re going to end up going in circles forever.”

    I actually genuinely enjoy your point of view even if I don’t always agree with it. I hope I don’t come off as too much of a self-righteous a**hole when responding to your comments.

    What I find really intriguing is that I generally consider your to be a leftwinger yet you come to conclusions that are actually far more similar to American right wingers. That’s not to say that you’re a right winger. Instead I look at it as fascinating how different political ideologies and completely different methodologies can arrive at a similar result.

    @ Amber Star

    “That wasn’t meant to be as self-congratulatory as it came across, sorry.”

    I don’t think you come across as self-congratulatory at all.

    @ Billy Bob

    “He really said that… “out the backside of No 10?. Does backside not actually mean arse-end in American English then? The only way the comment makes sense is if Romney mistook the beach volley-ball court in Horse Guards Parade for Stratford Olympic Park.”

    It doesn’t but it’s an odd way of talking.

    “This is a grotesquerie of Dubyantine proportions – which is all the more worrying given SoCalLiberal’s comment about the same NeoCon cabal lining up behind him – a fact not picked up on yet by media commentators on this side of the Atlantic.”

    I feel like Dubya at least knew some basic diplomacy and he knew that he couldn’t offend the Brits. He knew from the get go that he had to butter up Tony Blair. When it comes to our two longtime allies, Americans are okay with the French being offended but not the British.

    @ Stuart Dickson

    “That made me laugh.

    The Olympics is all about two things: politics and sport. In that order.

    Accusing the First Minister of “injecting politics unneccessarily into” the Olympics is like accusing the Pope of “injecting religion unneccessarily into” Easter.”

    I’m not sure about that. There were a lot of people who were unhappy with Jimmy Carter for announcing a boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics because of his politicization of them. The Olympics are supposed to be a place of athletic competition, not a political competition. Doesn’t always work out that way and international and political issues have spilled over (apparently the 1956 Olympic men’s waterpolo match between the Soviet Union and Hungary left the pool water red).

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