Two quick topical questions from YouGov’s daily polling over the last couple of days. First, after David Gauke’s comments yesterday YouGov asked if people thought it actually was morally acceptable to pay tradesmen “cash in hand”. 49% of respondents said it was morally acceptable to pay “cash in hand”, 36% thought it was not.

Secondly, ahead of the (now cancelled!) strike by border, immigration and other Home Office staff YouGov asked whether people thought it was or was not acceptable for PCS staff to go on strike around the time of the Olympics. 64% of people said striking at the time of the Olympics would have been unacceptable, 24% said it would have been acceptable.

251 Responses to “YouGov on Cash-in-Hand and Olympic strike action”

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  1. Colin & Crossbat

    Donald Dewar used both Err and Um to give him thinking time before answering.

    I once heard him say “Er,,um”.

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