It’s a bank holiday weekend, so there’s no YouGov/Sun daily poll tonight (or indeed tomorrow). However, there are two new polls conducted before the weekend, from AngusReid and Survation.

Angus Reid was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday, and has topline figures, with changes since before the local elections, of CON 29%(nc), LAB 45%(+4), LDEM 9%(-2), UKIP 8%(nc). The sixteen point lead is the largest Labour have shown this Parliament, but Angus Reid have tended to show bigger Labour leads than average, so that’s not unexpected given the increased leads other companies have been showing.

Survation meanwhile has topline figures, again with changes from just before the local elections, of CON 29%(-1), LAB 37%(nc), LDEM 13%(+0.5), UKIP 12%(+3), Others 10%(-2).

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  1. Deep apologies to the memory of a great American president , I meant Reagan of course, in my last post, lower case is certainly not suitable.

  2. What if anything I wonder will joe public make of DC’s decision to refer Lady Warsi for investigation? Some might wonder why SW is referred and not JH.

    Maybe DC will be pleased to be rid of her from gov? Even though he appointed her in 2007.

    Might her ‘dismissal’ from her role improve Con VI?

  3. The fact that the media are able to convert rain to sunshine and a lot of us believe it is another reason why Ed must secure media support to further Labour`s interests.

    @MIKE N
    Cameron is able to make these `unusual` decisions as he knows he`ll get away with it.The two biggest broadcasting organisations are with the government,albeit for different reasons.

  4. Smukesh
    “The two biggest broadcasting organisations are with the government,albeit for different reasons.”

    Aye. I despair over the Beeb.

  5. Marvellous final day of Jubilee celebrationsm a truly memorable event. Above all it reminds me of our glorious history, amazing that such a small island Nation created the greatest Empire the World has ever seen and that our ties remain so friendly with so many of those Commonwealth Nations.

    You are a charmer aren’t you!

    Love to debate over a few pints, and with LIZ H some chablis.

  7. @ChrisLane1945

    Cheers! My wife of 50 years thinks so!
    I love a debate some but no pints I am afraid my health will not permit it.

    (GOM, they called him)

  9. TOH

    That great American President: How many times did he run a balanced budget?

  10. @Chrislane1945

    Old man yes, grand no, just an ordinary bloke who made good from relatively humble beginnings, and who continues to enjoy life and tries to live it to the full. Old fashioned certainly, and out of touch possibly , but then I am not sure I want to be in touch with Britain as it is now, hence a passionate interest in history.


    @”Marvellous final day of Jubilee celebrationsm a truly memorable event.”

    It was -an eyeopener indeed.

    The crowds in the Mall-the folk from all over the country camping out-people travelling from Australia & Canada.

    And the singing of the National Anthem at the final balcony appearance.

    I don’t remember anything like it. The Queen seemed genuinely surprised & humbled in that broadcast.

    I sense an element of relief at something to be proud of after all the other institutions -banks, politicians, the press-have let the country down. The sheer longevity , constancy , lack of change & historic roots seems to be at the heart of it too judging by tv interviews.

    But I notice the absence of the fringe royals on the balcony, and the strategic placing of Will & Catherine’s photo in the broadcast. You have to hand it to her that she senses the public mood & subtly responds. The concert too had broad appeal.

    After the depths of annus horibilis & the slip ups after Dianna’s death , this little old lady with the stoop & the handbag has transformed the standing of the monarchy.

    There is press talk of Charles improving his standing with that speech after the concert.

    I’m not at all sure. He is a different character to his mother. I fear all her good work will be tested once again if/when she is succeeded by her eldest son.

  12. A very interesting piece on Spain from Cityam:-

    The role of regional autonomy in Spain’s fiscal problems is both a warning that there are political hurdles as well as fiscal ones for Rajoy, and a caution that central fiscal control of all the countries of the EZ is not just a matter of signing a fiscal pact.

  13. @Colin

    Glad you enjoyedit as much as I did. I agree with your view of Charles and Camilla and I think that there will be testing times ahead for the Royals. Still William and his new wife are making a good start.

  14. @ Colin

    Spain has always been a divided country. It makes England and Scotlands relationship look positively harmonious.

  15. TOH

    I didn’t expect to Howard.

    I am a supporter of constitutional monarchy as head of state certainly.

    But I have not been an admirer of the House of Windsor .

    However, The Queen has earned my respect during the post Diana period-and certainly during this weekend.

    Charles still has it all to prove as far as I am concerned though.

    If we could move straight to William that might be a different matter , based on his performance to date.

  16. R HUCKLE

    Thanks……….in which case to allow the regional profligacy & debt which has occurred seems to ask huge questions about the viability of the Spanish State, as currently constituted.

  17. COLIN…..I was invited as a result of my work with dis-advantaged youth, although I have been castigated on here for mentioning my voluntary role.

    As far as my view of an elected head of state is concerned, I don’t think that the UK is suited to that type of system, apart from a few unhappy and angry young lefties, I think that the Queen is a unifying force for most of us, were we to elect someone on a 51/49 basis it would be destructive, IMO.
    The Presidential system in other countries reflects those country’s character’s, we love our history, and , IMO, other nations feel slightly envious of our position having an apolitical and unifying Head of State. :-)

  18. Ken

    Good for you, an invitation well deserved I am sure. Well made points which I totally agree with.

  19. OZWALD………..You are such a sensitive soul, this is a place for people with opinions, not everyone agrees with you. :-)

  20. KEN

    Thanks-I should have realised that-congrats-well deserved.

    One of the things which the present Queen has provided over sixty years is the complete absence of political activity of any sort. This is why she has been able to engender the manifest wave unity & sense of pride held in common , through this Jubilee.

    Charles’ track record to date is not at all apolitical. He intervenes & lobbies. It does not bode well in a future head of state.

  21. The Queen has done the impossible in making her institution appear relevant over a reign in which the ordinary person has become liberated and centralised. As Colin says, it’s what she’s NOT done that has been central to her success. Specifically, she’s not opened her mouth to decry societal changes.

    Her son is a different kettle of fish. He is deeply reactionary about change and refuses to put a sock in it. A decade or so back, he was interviewed on Radio 4. Among his manifold reactionary beatings, the one that stuck in my mind was, “I mean…the modern world. It’s all so…GHASTLY!”

    What a figurehead he will make for a country trying to forge its purpose in the 21st Century.

  22. COLIN……….Thanks for that. I totally agree with your comments about the Queen and Charles, I think his continual interfering could undermine the work that his mother has done to create the uniquely independent and mature example on which he should base his inheritance, he seems a bit flaky to me. :-)

  23. One of the reasons I have no problem with an Independent Scotland retaining the monarchy is that with a parliamentary system we have a non executive head of state.

    If the head of state only has effectively a ceremonial role then there really isn’t a real issue about who they are, as long as they aren’t a drunk.

    Actually the worst case scenario is an executive president who is a drunk… look at Yeltsin.

    As long as power resides with the elected leader of the government we can be laid back about who is head of state because they can only ever do limited damage even if they get it wrong.

    I wonder what the mood would have been on the Mall if the Queen had just increased VAT, put 10p on Petrol and doubled the price of Pasties.



    Agree with both of you.

    Let’s hope he stands aside when the time comes.

  25. ken: in your world suggesting someone should “try counselling” may qualify as debate: I doubt if it does for anyone else.

  26. I hope Labour pick on the fact that Cameron has referred Warsi – but with the qualification that its “just loose ends”.

    Begs the question why bother if he’s already made that judgement? Hardly independent is it.

  27. THE OTHER HOWARD………….We right wingers contribute texture and perspective to a sometimes tediously left leaning narrative on here, I’m sure we’re appreciated on that basis. :-)

  28. Not sure who said it earlier, but to suggest the BBC is right wing is nuts! I would say if anything they are slightly left of centre in their reporting. I have noticed that at the moment, they don’t miss an opportunity to get that young socialist (forgot his name) to come on and talk about how bad the tories are or how nasty the bankers are whenever the opportunity arises.

    In terms of the polling, does anybody think the Jubilee will give a boost to the tories/coalition. My gut feel is yes, by a few points?


    @”n your world suggesting someone should “try counselling” may qualify as debate: I doubt if it does for anyone else.”

    Ozwald wasn’t looking for “debate”.

    On the contrary.

    He wanted lack of debate-suggesting that “trolls” ( aka people who disagree with him) should be ignored.

    So Ken’s suggestion of counselling was very sensible. It might help Ozwald to participate in debate , rather than suppress it.

  30. colin

    sledges and walnuts. the suggestion was made as an insult only – as you clearly realise.

  31. RICH

    I think there will be no VI effect from the Jubilee for Cons.

    My impression from vox pop on tv 24hr news is that the Queen’s popularity derives from her complete independence from politicians .

    She offers something to celebrate BECAUSE she is not connected with the political strife of the day.

    The Thames pageant was not state funded.

    There is nothing for Cons to “acquire” from the Jubilee spirit in my view.

  32. RICH………I would certainly appreciate a few bonus points as a result of a Jubilee feelgood factor. However, if the lefties on here are any guide, they will be out selling the misery agenda to anyone daft enough to listen, you have to admire their tenacity, although I question their endurance, healthy eating is not their strong suit, all that ideology ruins the appetite. :-)


    I disagree.

  34. PAULCROFT………..I intended no insult, if my suggestion has been interpreted as such, I apologise, and offer this apology as an example for others to follow. :-)

  35. Missed all the jubilee celebrations, too busy watching game of thrones, fantastic series. Must read the books next.

    Still many bad news stories for the Tories, will be interesting to see if any have managed to get thru the jubilee celebrations or not?

    Will Wednesday be the first daily poll from YG this week? Any predictions? A15% lead has been suggested for a few weeks now, or will the jubilee delay/stop this?

  36. Colin
    Why on earth should Charles stand aside? If he is eligible to be mo arch, then he bloody well should be monarch. To argue otherwise undermines the entire concept of the hereditary monarchy. You can’t present The Family as a wonderful exemplar and relevant to modern Britain, then say, “Ah, err, yeah. Apart from the head of the family who is a reactionary nut case.”

  37. Jubilee feel good factor? Well who knows,the DOE has
    retired to hospital,probably to escape that awful concert,
    the Queen was allegedly frozen,I would not know, as we
    were all inside with the wood burner lit,lots of lovely food and drink
    watching the Paris Open.So if people enjoyed it great.If not
    well ,I personally would not enjoy standing in the rain
    waving a flag,but perhaps some people would.

  38. Apparently the latest Treasury plan is to sell growth bonds to British savers to fund infrastructure projects…I remember one of the Survation polls in the Mail showed public trusted Ed Balls more to get more for their money…Would it be fair to ask a poll question to see who the public actually trust their savings with?

  39. I think the Taxpayers Alliance should complain about the money spent on the Jubilee….

    On another note, slightly off-theme, but I do recommend the white Rioja in Waitrose at the moment. It is expensive but then it should be quality not quantity…


  40. Ozwald I agree with you,for what it is worth.
    Gary,the Game of thrones is the best thing on TV at the moment.Do read the books ,even better and he is still
    writing them!Joy.

  41. Reginald,do agree about white Rioja,drank a lot of this
    last time in Spain,perhaps this could lure Liz away from
    the chablis.

  42. Don’t think there will be much, if any, increase in Tory VI as a result of the jubilee.

    Today has seen how the river pageant security firm treated those on workfare by leaving them to sleep under a bridge as well as failing to provide toilet access for 24hrs.

    Tomorrow has Osborne wanting to sell us bonds as well as allegations that the public purse will be raided today for the jubilee celebrations after all so no, I don’t think there will be any increase in Tory VI.

  43. Read the latest in our acclaimed series on the effect of proposed boundary changes on the fortunes of our political parties. Follow the link:

  44. ^ why do I get the feeling that a blog entitled ‘all that’s left’ will not be a particularly impartial read. no thanks…

  45. ANN MILES………..Singing in the rain with thousands of happy like minded individuals is a wonderful experience, presumably you have never been to an outdoor event, but, if you drag yourself away from the goggle box and get out more, you will find enjoyment far more satisfying than telly……try it, rain, wind,and cold, can be stimulating, theraputic, and rewarding, dress appropriately though. :-)

  46. LEFTY

    @”Why on earth should Charles stand aside? ”

    …………because he realises that his eldest son will make a better sovereign, be a more unifying force than himself, and be better able to provide the continuity from his mother that the people want.

    It would be an act of selflessness which would enhance the House of Windsor’s role in the life of the nation.

    But it won’t happen.

  47. REGINALDMAUDLING……….I agree with your comments on white Rioja, a very good choice for the unsophisticated palate, although suspiciously pricey, as are many things Spanish in their present economic travails, I don’t agree with the Spanish commercial tactic of raising prices when the going gets tough, but there will always be buyers. I too am a fan of the Waitrose cellar, Canary Wharf and Belgrave Sq are my usual sources, but for delivery we use Ocado, it’s free. :-)


    @”perhaps some people would.”

    No “perhaps” about it-lots of them did.

  49. @Ken

    Have I missed the apology from Ozwald?

    I am sure your right. that actually we really are appreciated by the left!

    Very interesting programme on Grammer Schools tonight.

  50. @Colin

    Re your reply to Ann Miles. Your dead right, about 1.5 million were celebrating today in London.

    Off to bed night all.

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