Tonight’s YouGov poll for the Sun has topline figures of CON 31%, LAB 45%, UKIP 8%, LDEM 7%. The 14 point lead is the biggest Labour lead YouGov has ever shown since starting regular polling in 2002 (though other companies showed a lead of that size back in 2003).

While the size of the lead is notable, it’s not entirely surprising. Since the local election results YouGov have been showing an average Labour lead of 12 points or so… hence a 14 point lead is just as much in line with that as the 10 point lead last Thursday was.

152 Responses to “YouGov/Sun – CON 31, LAB 45, UKIP 8, LDEM 7”

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  1. PeterCairns,

    People voted inconclusively. That could have meant a minority tory govt seeking consensus on policy because it couldn’t carry out its programme in its entirety.

    I think people would have preferred that, even if it was difficult for the politicians, none of whom got real support.

    The coalition has problems convincing people that it is acting in the national interest when so many of its policies are very contentious and are, in fact, widely contended without apparent effect on govt thinking, despite its lack of support via the polls. There is a coalition, but no consensus.

  2. Robin,

    ‘My point is that the ‘UKIP Tendency’ reminds me very strongly of the Labour left in the 80s (even post SDP), that put the purity of their own ideals over any electoral consequences’

    I was/am a labour leftist, but not a full member at the moment (still got post-Blair trauma). The labour left simply doesn’t think in crude electoral terms i.e. what policies should be adopted in order to win elections. It is either more idealistic/naive than that in that it believes that honest arguments should be presented and that taken together these arguments should be as coherent and reasoned as possible and have the aim of shifting the balance of wealth and power in the country in favour of workers by public ownership of industry and infrastructure.

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