This month’s Ipsos MORI poll, conducted for the Evening Standard, is out and has topline figures of CON 35%(-1), LAB 38%(+1), LDEM 12%(+1). While the trend towards Labour is the same as all the other polls, it is a much smaller Labour lead than we’ve seen from other polls this month.

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  1. I have no objection with the Leveson being amended to cover an investigation of Hunt’s conduct and its legality. But he *must* stand aside for that to occur, or the entire inquiry is at question. Either maintain the current terms of the Leveson inquiry, and allow Parliament to conduct an investigation; or amend the inquiry’s terms to cover his actions and resign his position. He can not be investigated by an inquiry that is subordinate to his position as secretary of state, it is simply incompatible.

  2. Democracy,what price eh?

  3. Latest YouGov/The Sun results 25th April CON 32%, LAB 43%, LD 9%; APP -40

  4. The “standard” +11% lead. Wont be till tomorrow that any Hackgate/Recession affect will be seen.

  5. UKIP on 8%

  6. It does look like the penny has dropped and people are not going to “Leave it to Leveson” with demands for a directed inquiry into the specific allegation of leaking privileged information to the subject of a review.

  7. I have NEVER seen Cameron as rattled as he was today. Hunt’s career depends on the ludicrous claim that his own special adviser, who completely owes his position and salary to the minister and serves him, did not mention at all any of the conversations he’d had with the Murdochs. It doesn’t even matter if JH told him to pass on any other information, this would compromise him and already No 10 are getting ready to cut him loose.

    It is already highly unlikely Hunt will survive – with any luck he will resign on Wednesday.

  8. @Chris L 1945

    “Blair was funnier in his putdowns, I think”

    Blair mastered the art of self deprecation and used it superbly on many an occasion to escape from a potentially embarrassing situation. Cameron and Osborne, allegedly, are great admirers of the old master and have pored over his memoirs for clues as to where the magic lay. Emulation, even mimicry, is the ultimate compliment but my advice to both Cameron and Osborne is that charm goes a lot further than smart-alecry. Blair’s still got it from what I can see. Last year I caught sight of some video footage of him at an event linked to his Faith and Globalisation Initiative. He was being interviewed on stage at a large theatre with an invited audience of about 1000. As his interviewer introduced him and he walked on stage he got a surprisingly warm reception from his audience. He took his seat and after the prolonged applause died down, and before his interviewer could ask his first question, he said, “They’ve obviously forgotten who I was.” Self deprecation at its very best and his audience loved it. The man’s got class.

    I once had the rare privilege of seeing Blair in action at first hand, working the room, as they say, at a public gathering. The man oozed personal charm and charisma and, from a purely political point of view, was electoral gold. I don’t sense Cameron, Clegg or Miliband are in the same league, to be honest.

    A little afterthought on Murdoch at Leveson today and his account of his conversation with Brown. So Brown told him that he was going to declare war on Murdoch’s organisation, did he? How does it go? That’s it. Go, Gord, go!! lol

    As for polls; these 11% Labour leads are getting mighty boring, don’t you think??!!

  9. It is a fact that the Conservatives did do pretty well in London in the 1990 local elections – 38% and level with Labour despite an 11% deficit nationally, and an increase in vote share and seats compared to 1986.

    It wasn’t just Wandsworth and Westminster.
    They gained Ealing,

    and almost Brent, and Hammersmith and Fulham.

    Croydon, Redbridge, Bexley, Barnet, Enfield were all tipped as vulnerable but were retained.

    I was around at the time, and I remember it very clearly.

    It’s not some myth.

  10. JJB – in that case it would be a myth!

    There’s often a perception that the Conservatives did terribly in 1990, but managed to spin it as doing well by focusing on Westminster & Wandsworth. If they actually did well all across London that myth isn’t true.

  11. HOLA………..Fantastic Blues win in Barcelona, lovely trip, great food and drink, altogether hugely satisfying. Now back to a different game. The Chelsea result just shows how the tables can be turned, it could be a good metaphor for Cammo., player sent off, others sidelined for the future, trailing the opposition, then the second half recovery ! Keep smiling, it’s still all to play for. :-)

  12. ken

    It was the captain who was sent off, and now banned.

    ummm your metaphor? Who is the Captain who needs sending off?

    And who is Torres? William Hague? Failing former ace comes back for one last hurrah (or career relaunch?)

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