As well as the YouGov poll (see the post below), there are also new polls today from Populus and TNS BMRB.

Populus has topline figures, with changes from last month, of CON 33%(-1), LAB 42%(+4), LDEM 11%(nc). For those with a Times subscription there are more details here.

Meantime TNS BMRB has topline figures, again with changes from last month, of CON 32%(-3), LAB 42% (+4), LDEM 10%(-1), Others 16%.

So, three polls tonight, with answers that are actually pretty consistent – the Conservatives at 32-33, Labour at 42-43 and slightly more variation on the Lib Dems on 8-11.

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  1. crossbat11 @ Hannah

    “You’ve just described 1950s Toryism perfectly! Harold MacMillan and Rab Butler would have loved it, ….”

    Relatively and by any objective measurement, ALL their successors have been less successful. Argably each one worse than the last. (almost).

    Either that means I am geting old, or the media are less respectful as we are distanced from wartime conventional values, or it’s the insularity of the politics/media/celebrity/finance dominant culture.

  2. Amber,I think that the Tories mess with tax credits to their
    peril.When they were introduced they were rubbished by
    the press as being too complicated etc.Several years
    down the line they are depended upon by many to a
    greater or lesser degree.However I think the petrol fiasco
    has still some part to play in this.I think that the 3p rise in
    August is going to cause REAL trouble,perhaps taking
    the shine off the Olympics,which I feel is the Tories get
    out of jail free card.

  3. @ Ann in Wales

    Gosh, I almost forgot about the fuel hike to come. Maybe we’ll get that 20 point lead that Tim Montgomerie et al keep saying we should have. :-)

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