The Sun politics team have already tweeted tonight’s YouGov poll, topline figures are CON 32%, LAB 42%, LDEM 9%, suggesting that the 10 point Labour lead is still holding steady.

Also in tonight’s poll was YouGov’s fortnightly best PM question. In line with the drops we’ve seen in his approval ratings and most other polling questions about the Tory party the percentage of people thinking David Cameron would make the best PM is down sharply to 30%, compared to 38% a fortnight ago. This is the lowest he’s scored on the question since becoming PM. Also worth noting is that Ed Miliband hasn’t really capitalised on this – 19% of people say he would make the best PM, not significantly different from the 18% he got a fortnight ago. Instead it’s “don’t knows” who have risen, up eight points to 46%.

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  1. Anything more on the supposed Survation poll?

  2. Luke

    It’s not so much what is ‘fair’ or not as what objective criteria could be laid down as to who was included and who not. There doesn’t seem to be a way in which the SNP could be there and others not. Remember that broadcasters have to be impartial.

    Though it has to be pointed out that as these are debates between those who are potentially to be Prime Minister of the UK, there would the additional problem that there would be no way in which the SNP Leader could become PM because he could never achieve enough MPs (though I suppose questions could be asked about potential coalitions). In the case of the SNP (and the DUP) there would also be the odd situation that the leader would not even be a candidate.

  3. nickp

    Anything more on the supposed Survation poll?

    Nope. Damian Lyons Lowe is er lying low (sorry, sorry!!) and has commented on this thread more recently than his last Tweet.

  4. Just to prove me wrong the latest Survation (re)tweet has just appeared saying:

    Damian Lyons Lowe?

    Very interesting “state of the parties” changes in our survey for tomorrow’s Mail On Sunday.

  5. Graham – I’m sure I recall Mark Pack saying there had been a change in the law that made the Sky threat realistic, and he normally knows his electoral law

  6. Anthony,
    Fair enough – though I must say I am surprised that Gordon Brown’s government would have changed electoral law to facilitate the debates!

  7. I think mid parliament polls are largely pointless. At the moment Labour are just providing opposition and have no real policies laid out and even their opposition is proving weak.

    The conservatives never really won the last election and they just assumed it would be ok to join a coalition with the lib dems and the lib dems assumed likewise. Big mistake in my opinion.

    The real test will come at the next election. Will the electorate have forgiven the labour party for prior mistakes. Did Labour lose because of Gordon Brown?

    The interesting thing was the win for George Galloway because that shows a lack of support for Labour in a Labour heartland. Protesting against the protest vote.

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  8. @ Nick P

    The Survation / Mail on Sunday Attitudes Survey can be found here –

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