Tonight’s YouGov poll for the Sunday Times has topline figures of CON 33%, LAB 42%, LDEM 8%. The nine point Labour lead is very much in line with the ten point leads YouGov have been showing all this week (though given the turbulent week the government have had I suppose the fact that things don’t appear to have got even worse is itself notable!). I will do a full write up of the poll tomorrow.

The only other Sunday poll I’m aware of is ComRes in the Sunday Indy which didn’t have voting intention, just my beloved agree/disagree statement grids. The most interesting one on there is the proportion of people agreeing with the statement that they trust David Cameron and George Osborne with the economy, agreement with with was down 4 to 24%, disagreement up 11 to 60%, a big increase in the proportion of people disagreeing.

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  1. LEFTYLAMPTON………..We were late to modernise after the war, and we had appalling industrial relations, but we did export our expertise, to countries that would ultimately grab our market share, as in Shipbuilding. British entrepreneurs modernised Datsun and created Nissan as a world leading brand, while we were still fighting the class war here.
    I suppose we were naive, and our financiers lacked confidence in our industries to deliver decent returns………books have been written, most of them not worth reading, about our industrial decline, but , as you point out, we are great engineers. Put it down to a failure of leadership, across the spectrum. :-)

  2. Trouble is, once you show you’ve got feet of clay, then the world piles in on you, especially if you’re a politician. ‘Head Boy’ Dave held it for a long time, but the cracks are now showing and it’s hard to wrest it back from terminal decline.

  3. The DM and DT attempt to struggle on supporting Cameron (who they seem to despise in reality) was abandoned this week. They were annoyed by the incompetence more than anything I think. Their real aim is to push Cameron and Co. further to the right. It won’t last.

    The Sun is just funny though.. Mr Murdoch seems to be seriously p****d with Cameron and co. Even Sky news is merrily putting the boot in. Murdoch even tweeted about corruption/politicians. I suspect this may last or at least spring up whenever there is an opportunity.

    There is a long way to go yet so I’m not getting to excited about it all.

  4. I believe there has always Been distrust of DC & GO by the general public and see them as all wind and no trousers. The fact they couldn’t get a working majority for the Tories at the last election was amazing given the economy and how poor Gordon Brown was portrayed everywhere within the media

  5. It’s April 1st and the Guardian reports:

    In a move that will astonish both critics and supporters, David Cameron has appointed the controversial Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder as a special adviser on social class, following a series of political missteps since the budget.

  6. Will this move detoxify the Tories or just toxify the Happy Mondays?

  7. Shaun Ryder allegedly knows plenty about toxic stuff

  8. Is April fool of course re Ryder

  9. to quote Neil A

    No sh*t, sherlock!

  10. This is a classic mid term dip for a Govt, but I do agree they need to be careful that the constant class attacks by Labour might start to stick. Francis Maude really messed up this week, no doubt about it.

    My concern from the Labour point of view would be that its clear to see from Bradford West that despite the current distrust of the coalition and recent mess ups, Ed Miliband just doesn’t capture the mood or imagination of people. Just for a minute imagine if he had the oratory skill of say a Thatcher, Blair, or dare I say a Gallaway.

    and as for the publicity stunt with the shadow cabinet in Greggs, it was absolutely unbearably embaressing. Didn’t Ed Balls muscle his way to the front to order the sausage rolls? I think that says it all!

  11. @ Leftylampton

    “Germany doesn’t produce fundamentally better engineers than we do. But it’s engineering industry is incomparably better than ours. Where is the problem?”

    Because they have “patient capital” while we, thanks to the City, have “impatient capital”.

    Germany industry is very capital intensive which means that combined with generally moderate levels of profitability obtained after years of development of product, brands, workforce skills etc., return on capital does not look good from a purely financial perspective.

    Which is of course the only perspective applied to UK industry. In short, if investment doesn’t pay back in three to five years, we flog it off to the highest bidder, wherever they are from.

  12. I really don’t see why my comments are being moderated yet again when there are vastly more partisan comments than my own, particularly Labour supporters’ gloating and aggressive attacks on the Lib Dems which amount to cyber bullying at times. I do not see these being removed.

    I’m sorry but I really do think you are now becoming far from impartial in your moderation.

  13. robert c

    If it’s amy compensation I get moderated (deservedly) pretty regularly.

    I try, but the flesh is weak.

  14. We’re really at an unprecedented moment. The polling returns take on a completely different colour when you consider that we have a coalition government. Whilst we have had similar levels (and worse in the case of Gordon Brown) of disaffection with government, these regimes had substantial majorities. Hard to say what might happen yet but a complete public loss of confidence in the coalition might unravel the whole structure very quickly.

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