The full results for this week’s YouGov/Sunday Times survey are now up here, with the usual grab-bag of subjects. The poll covered the economy, workfare, Syria, police attitudes to sexual assault, strikes during the Olympics and smoking. On the regular leader ratings Cameron is at minus 6 (from minus 10 last week), Miliband at minus 44 (from minus 42 last week), Clegg at minus 47 (from minus 44).

The question on economic strategy still shows a pretty even split, 38% of people think the government should stick to the present strategy of prioritising the deficit, 34% think they should concentrate on growth instead. If there is money for tax cuts, a cut in petrol duty (34%) or an increase in the personal tax allowance (31%) are people’s most preferred options.

On workfare, YouGov repeated the same question as last week but – now that the government have changed the policy – without the threat of people losing benefit if they dropped out half way through. A week ago 59% of people had said they supported the policy with the threat of sanctions for dropping out half way through. This week 67% of people support the unpaid work experience policy without the threat. Asked what types of company people should be placed at, three-quarters think they should be placed at charities & voluntary organisations, 62% at public sector organisations and just under half (48%) at private sector companies (respondents were able to pick more than one option).

Following Len McCluskey’s comments in the week, the overwhelming majority of people (70%) think it would be unacceptable for Trade Unions to strike during the Olympics. The same proportion think it is wrong for Rail Unions to seek pay bonuses for working during the Olympics.

On smoking there is majority support for banning the display of cigarettes in stores (59% support) and mandating blank packaging for cigarettes (57% support). 60% of people support banning smoking in cars with passengers, but only 37% would support a blanket ban on smoking in cars. Respondents were evenly divided on banning smoking in public parks – 44% supported, 46% opposed.

Turning to the questions on the police and sexual offences, 64% of of people think the police take sexual offences very seriously (23%) or fairly seriously (41%). There is, however, less confidence in how effective they and the justice system are at prosecuting these crimes – only 31% think they are effective, 52% think they are ineffective. 7% of people say that if they themselves were the victim of a sexual assault they would not report it to the police (the large majority would).

Finally on Syria the picture is largely unchanged from last week – there is still majority support for economic sanctions, but very little support for any sort of military intervention.

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  1. OntheJob

    If the poll has labour in twice I’d be suspicious of it.

    Unless Labour has split into red labour and blue labour and I haven’t heard about it yet.

  2. @Smukesh, Nick P

    If you mean the British Sky Broadcasting group.of companies, then it already employs thousands of people in Scotland (especially in Livingston and Dunfirmline.

  3. Youguv
    CON 36%, LAB 41%, LDEM 11%

  4. RAF
    `If you mean the British Sky Broadcasting group.of companies, then it already employs thousands of people in Scotland (especially in Livingston and Dunfirmline`

    Thanks,din`t know that…Thought they would all be in London

  5. While Lab being on 41% is completely consistent with recent polling, 36% for Con seems too low – we’ll have to wait for the next few days, but I’d expect that it’ll be back to neck and neck tomorrow.

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