Tonight’s YouGov poll for the Sun has topline figures of CON 39% LAB 38% LDEM 10%. So far this week the YouGov daily polls have shown two 1 point Conservative leads, a 2 point Labour lead and a 4 point Labour lead, so still averaging out at a small Labour lead of a point or so.

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  1. Looking for primo

  2. More endorsement of work placement on This Week, Michel Roux jnr has given a convincing display of support, citing his own organisation as an example of the positive value of work experience on a CV., he looks for current activity as an illustration of an individuals’ willingness to work, excellent, I’ll go about my business with a spring in my step, thanks Michel. :-)

  3. @ Ken

    Michel Roux jnr – the jnr says it all; I should have got over my surprise at how people who start life with a huge [hereditary] hand-up think everybody else is looking for a hand-out!

  4. @SoCalLib

    I’ve addressed your previous point on the previous thread.

    Regards, Martyn

  5. @Anthony Wells

    I note with pleasure your reference to your “Too Frequently Asked Questions” on the previous thread. If you have the time and the inclination, could you be so kind as to put a permanent link to it on your site, say on the left-hand-side under “Stuff” or wherever you feel appropriate.

    We who post here (too) often discuss single polls, or trends, or the issues of the day. But the methodology of polling is often important and I find myself repeating certain points (confidence rises with sample size but not linearly, the variance of the lead is twice the variance of a value, etc) If there was a one-stop-shop for these things (a FAQ, say) then this would make things a lot easier.

    (Feel free to tell me to eff off, btw: I’m very conscious this is your site: we only play in it).

    Regards, Martyn

  6. Ken

    I have to disagree with on this topic. Most people want to work, I felt Michel Roux was being highly cynical with his attitude of “To work for me you must have done meaningless work for two years to prove to me you want to work before I’ll consider you”. Unless his father made him wash dishes and peel spuds for 2 years he is a complete hypocrite.

    I suffered the same fate after graduation moving from crappy temp job to crappy temp job, none of which gave me any pride or satisfaction or skills and every interview I went to I was “over qualified”, I guess that is code for “You haven’t washed enough dishes yet”?

    It was a massive relief when I finally got a skilled job in a highly technical field and I could show exactly what I was capable of.

    I dread to think how bad the situation for me will be if I ever recover from my long term illness, I do feel almost certainly that all doors in this country at least will be closed when I do knock on them again.

    Frankly, I regret not becoming a banker after graduation: at least I’d be able to afford to fund medical treatment for myself now and a one way ticket to elsewhere.

  7. KEN

    @” Michel Roux jnr ”

    Love him-tv hero no.2 ( after Gareth Malone) :-)

    I remember that wonderful tv programme in which he trained a group of teenagers with really difficult backgrounds to become front of house restaurant staff.

    It was an emotional thing to watch him changing those kids’ lives .

  8. Somewhat disappointed that Lab are not consistently ahead but this sloshing about of C and L VI numbers reinforces the view that the parties are broadly level. It’s going to take something significant to move the VI.

  9. This article and the comments may interest Socialliberal and others. Comparison between US hospital treatment and NHS.

  10. R Huckle

    That is a great story. And a massive recommendation of the NHS.

  11. COLIN…………This furrow is becoming something of a groove. I too enjoy the Gareth Malone and Roux programmes, they are doers rather than critics. It’s noticeable that people with strongly critical views of the efforts of others, tend to be shouting from ivory towers, Amberstar, ( bless her ) is one of the usual suspects, critical of efforts to improve the lot of anyone with the mildest ambition……….I suspect that the foundation of the belief that everyone is, ‘ exploited’ emanates from a very well known dead guy in a North London cemetery. :-)

  12. “@Mike N

    R Huckle
    That is a great story. And a massive recommendation of the NHS.”

    Yes it is confirmation that the large spending increase over the last 15 years, has started to deliver a better service. It is not perfect, but then we spend about 5-6% less than comparable systems.

    I once heard a story of a UK citizen who had been badly injured in a motorcycle accident in the US. The US hospital he went into charged the Travel Insurers over £300k and the person died, with the Insurers having to pay repatriation costs. The same can be true in parts of Europe, where if you use private hospital facilities the costs are much higher than in the UK. I have heard of cases where people have not had Travel Insurance and have been faced with selling their homes.

    It was interesting that during the last PMQ’s a Lib Dem MP (Andrew George ?) asked the PM why he was carrying out a top down reorganisation of the NHS, when it is apparently performing well according to ministers.

    I have a feeling that the NHS changes could lead to an increase in costs and not a reduction. I am in favour of using non NHS services, if it benefits the patient, but if too much money is spent outside the NHS, it could lead to difficult choices having to be made. e.g closure of hospitals, wards, theatres, staff being made redundant.

  13. The question of work placements is one of attitude, which is the better option………. sitting at home doing nothing, or going out to work and mixing / networking, with others.
    Keeping sharp is important, and giving a potential employer some idea of your drive and determination will help in assessing character. IMO.

  14. Ken

    I agree with you about the work placement scheme, but the government should have anticipated the outcry that would be caused by non payment. When the scheme was launched they should have been all over the media explaining how it was going to work. They could then have dealt with any negative issues.

    Prior to getting my first job (many many moons ago), I had to work in a couple of different places for two weeks at a time and I did not get paid. I didn’t even get any expenses for travel etc. One of the placements was about 10 miles away from home, so I was paying for petrol etc and I did not even get any benefits. I had to pay out of my own pocket. My brothers and sisters had similar experience and they did not get paid either. Well this back in the 70’s and 80’s when people did not expect too much.

  15. R HUCKLE……………You are right, the project was handled ineptly, it worries me that so many of the Coalition’s ideas aren’t, ‘sold’ properly………they have some good stuff but don’t capitalise on it.
    Your point about previous generations not expecting too much resonated with me, I think it was assumed in the past that we had to work to earn, not just have entitlements to draw down until the right job came along.

  16. KEN

    @”.I suspect that the foundation of the belief that everyone is, ‘ exploited’ emanates from a very well known dead guy in a North London cemetery. ”


    It’s something to do with their ideas about “equality”-all must have prizes-or none may have prizes-all must become FTSE CEOs -or the effort in trying is in fact exploitation.

  17. @ Ken (if you return even though there’s a new thread)

    Amberstar, ( bless her ) is one of the usual suspects, critical of efforts to improve the lot of anyone with the mildest ambition……….
    So inaccurate as to be almost funny. Many people – most of them women – who’ve been on my team are now e.g. qualified accountants or procurement managers when they had expected to be admin clerks for their entire working life. All of them would testify that not only did I instil ambition, I gave them confidence in themselves & genuine help & support throughout their ‘journey’.

    This, in turn, made other members of their family, often their teen-age daughters, realise that they need not have low expectations for themselves.

    They did the work & it’s their achievement much more than mine but I am exceedingly proud of all of them.

  18. testing Murdoch