Also published today are new voting intention figures from TNS-BMRB. Topline figures with changes from their previous poll at the end of November are CON 35%(-1), LAB 38%(-1), LDEM 11%(+2), Others 16%.

No obvious sign of any veto boost for the Conservatives here. The poll was conducted over the weekend, so it looks as though the veto boost may have subsided by the time the fieldwork began.

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  1. CROSSBAT11………..I have been posting regularly, you just ignore me, or I’m dispatched to the naughty step by AW., moderation in all things is my guiding principle, often reflected in my position here. :-)


    I ignored Wales and Northern Ireland (as well as the Crown Dependencies) for the simple reason that England is so overwhelmingly dominant in electoral terms.

    If “they” want something, they can vote it through (or just do nothing) and there’s sod all anyone else in the Unin can do about it – except leave.

  3. Ken

    Clever! :-)

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