There is a second poll for the Feltham & Heston by-election, this time by Survation in the Mail on Sunday. Topline figures are CON 29%, LAB 53%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 7%. The figures for Labour and the Conservatives are very similar to the Populus(?) Feltham & Heston poll for Lord Ashcroft earlier in the week, which had the Conservatives on 30% and Labour on 52%, the difference being on the Lib Dems and UKIP.

Survation also have GB voting intention figures in the Mail on Sunday, conducted after the veto and showing CON 35%, LAB 35%, LDEM 14%. Since Survation’s last poll at the end of November the Conservatives are up 3, Labour up 1, the Lib Dems up 2, and others presumably down 6, but Survation’s previous poll was the one that included minor parties in the main prompt and showed them at 22%… I suspect the changes here may be a result of going back to more usual methodology.

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  1. There has been some talk of the desirability for the UK to be ‘In the Room’ for future EZ fiscal discussions and rule changes. There is a huge difference from ‘being in the room’ to actually ‘having a voice at the table’. ‘Being in the room’ implies being there in an observer type role, not being there as an active participant in the discussions and decisions. Sarkozy had already made it very clear that the UK could ‘observe’ certain of the EZ discussions, but was definitely excluded from the EZ decision making process.

    I wonder what would have been the French and German reactions, if the UK had gone to the EU to get EU Treaty changes specifically to tighten up fiscal matters within the UK. They would have chorused Non and Nein respectively!

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