Though it wasn’t published in the Telegraph, the YouGov poll on abortion, medical ethics and so on also included YouGov’s monthly political tracker questions (the figures should be up on the YouGov website shortly). The topline voting intention figures, with changes from last month, were CON 33%(+2), LAB 40%(nc), LDEM 20%(-1).

Most of the trackers showed the government’s popularity slowing reverting to type after the spike that followed the London bombings. As well as their lead over the Conservatives in voting intention falling 2 points, the government’s net approval rating fell from -12 to -18; this compares to -19 immediately prior to the London bombings. The percentage of people thinking Tony Blair would make the best PM has fallen four points to 36%, compared to 37% prior to the bombing.

While YouGov’s Telegraph polls don’t track approval ratings for the Prime Minister, it does seems as though the public support for the government in the face of terrorist attack how now begun to dissipate.

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