Tonight’s YouGov poll has topline figures of CON 36%, LAB 42%, LDEM 10%. Back to a six point Labour lead, but still below the sort of 7-9 point Labour lead we had been seeing.

Perhaps whatever caused the narrowing of the polls is fading again – a purely short term boost, and we’ll have 8 point leads again before long. Alternativly this is just normal margin of error variation around a Labour lead of 4 or 5 points. Time will tell.

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  1. Graham

    There is a new thread on the MORI poll.

    However, “Labour did win with relative ease a seat in Ayrshire widely expected to go SNP.” – expected by whom?

  2. Graham

    The fact remains that Labour’s vote remained very solid at Inverclyde – and last week Labour did win with relative ease a seat in Ayrshire widely expected to go SNP

    Yes I agree Greaham but by-elections can go against the grain. The SNP won Glasgow East but lost Glenrothes which should had been a lot easier than Glasgow East and at both times of the by-elections the SNP were ahead in the polls.

  3. @OLDNAT

    Page five of that mori report does suggest that Labour voters are changing to SNP (as opposed to the SNP gaining from LD and Con only). I suppose it might be a case of ‘don’t knows’ becoming SNP and Labour voters becoming ‘don’t knows’.

    Things are getting interesting.

  4. Ann (In Wales)

    Ed is only geeky because the media portray him as so .I have met him and he is not.

    It is important to DC that the core vote and those who may be persuaded to vote Tory to give them an overall majority trust Cameron. Many of these people read the Mail and Telegraph; both papers although right wing Tory (perhaps because they are far more right wing than DC) portray DC as untrustworthy.

    Therefore both political leaders may suffer from the same problem, the media (possibly right wing media).

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