On yesterday’s YouGov poll there were also some questions on the continuing aftermath of the riots – full tabs here.

First up, only 35% of people think that Bill Bratton should be allowed to apply for the Commissioner of the Metropolitan police job, 50% think he should not. YouGov asked a more generic question on the principle of whether it should be possible to recruit foriegn police chiefs at the start of the month and found only 20% of people did. So while asking specifically about a successful American police chief was (unsurprisingly) more acceptable than some unspecified generic foriegn policeman, it was still only acceptable to a minority.

Secondly YouGov asked about some of the suggested responses to the riots. There was extremely widespread support for giving the police the power to remove face coverings of those suspected of crimes (94%), of banning suspects from social media sites (79%), of stopping welfare benefits for people convicted of involvement in riots (71%) and of cancelling police cuts (70%). Support was less strong for the idea of evicted families from council houses where a member of the family was involved in riots – supported by 46%, but opposed by 40%.

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    Yes I agree with you about Megrahi.

    Re the rebels -Sky News is reporting from inside Zawyah at present.
    The reporter highlighted better organisation amongst the NTC fighters, recruitment from the western villages as well as from Zawyah, and a much less intense response from Gaddaffi’s forces than when they first stormed Zawyah.

    I would add one other observation-the weaponry looks very new-they were actually taking hand held rocket launchers out of their pristine wrappers as they progressed !

  2. Good afternoon from sunny Bournemouth.

    Some good notes on human nature.
    Our eldest child is in Madrid: 1.5 million young people, no riots, crime, disorder.

    The pilot who died in the Red Arrows air show
    apparently did not try to eject, the plane would have gone into the houses, it went into the river instead. requiescat in pace.

    On Blair’s intervention, I was left feeling that 1997 was such a wasted opportunity, we will never have that concatenation of factors again as we did in 1997, in my lifetime anyway.

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