Tonight’s daily YouGov poll for the Sun has topline figures of CON 36%, LAB 42%, LDEM 11% – a six point Labour lead, but still very much within the normal margin of error of the Labour lead of eight points or so YouGov have been showing lately.

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  1. @Social Liberal

    This is why I think it’s going to go to the 14th Amendment, with Boehner presenting no real compromise. Because Boehner will get to impeach Obama to save face, knowing full well that it won’t get past the senate. Of course, the job he’ll be saving is probably going to turn into Minority House Leader in 2013 after this…

  2. @ Amber Star

    “That is the clearest description I’ve read as to why the Supreme Court will decline to involve themselves in this.

    Thank you.”

    You’re welcome.

    “I guess the President has to go with the 14th Amendment then. It seems he has no choice, pragmatically or politically.”

    We’ll see. They might come to some sort of agreement over this. Or he might let the country default.

  3. Lin Rees, I think that you were actually right and that it was
    on You Gov twitter.It then disappeared,so probably an error.
    As for the badger culling,this is potentially as big as the forests.It has yet to be proven that it is not the cows that
    give the TB to the badgers and not vice versa.And a lot of
    people love badgers,including David Attenborough.

  4. I suspect the problem is badgers getting into cattle feed. Biosecurity is lax on a lot of farms.

    Stop the badger getting in the feed stores and barns.

    I was at an imdustry meeting yonks ago whre the defra vet suggested that barn doors should be shut. One of the farmers’ reps replied that barns don’t always HAVE doors.

    The Defra vet suggested putting doors on the barns.

    Rep: “Who’s going to pay for that?”

    Farmers are massively subsidised historically. They produce crops and livestock entirely driven by subsidies.

    Or at least they used to, I’m out of date here. But I do recall that a cow destroyed for testing positive used to get more compensation than you could get selling the cow. It was rumoured that farmers were trying to fake “positive tests” to get the compensation.

    Rumours obviously. Alledged.

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