Tonight’s YouGov/Sun voting intentions are CON 37%, LAB 43%, LDEM 9%. Looking at the last week’s polling, it does appear that the narrowing of the Labour lead down to 2-3% points in the YouGov daily polling after the local/Scottish/Welsh elections was indeed mostly a temporary halo effect and we are now heading back towards the 5-6 point leads we had earlier in the year.

(Though of course, having said that there is just bound to be a poll showing a 1 point lead or something tomorrow that makes me look daft despite the fact that the average lead is clearly heading back upwards!)

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  1. UNS:
    Effective Lab majority = 110

    LDs reduced to 13 seats

    Con reduced to 239 seats

  2. @Gary Gatter

    “Latest YouGov CON 36%, LAB 44%, LD 8%.”

    Labour lead now at 8%, the highest figure for almost two months and a consolidation of recent trends. The Tories are becalmed, and possibly heading south, and the Lib Dems are plumbing new depths. Labour are the main beneficiaries as the gloss comes off the coalition and people’s everyday experiences of the true state of the economy hit home.

    Too early to be sure, but my hunch that the sands are slowly shifting now might well have some substance. At long last, something may be going on out there.

  3. What was that about ATTAD again?

  4. @Nick Poole

    Re: 10.34pm last night. First page of thread.

  5. YouGov/Sun results 7th June CON 36%, LAB 44%, LD 8%; APPROVAL -21


  6. @ Old Nat

    “A ban that should have been imposed a long time ago has been delayed because the courts have been protecting the human rights of the drug dealers!”

    Even drug dealers have human rights!

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