The weekly YouGov/Sunday Times poll is out and has topline figures of CON 37%, LAB 41%, LDEM 9%. Four points is a slightly lower Labour lead than we’ve seen from YouGov lately, but nothing that couldn’t easily be just normal random variation.

Meanwhile the figures for the latest YouGov/Scotsman on Sunday poll have briefly appeared on the Scotsman’s website, and then disappeared again! While they were there they apparently showed the SNP ahead in both the constituency and the regional vote. I don’t actually have the figures, so can’t confirm if these are correct, but I’ll update properly on both the Sunday Times and the Scotsman on Sunday polls tomorrow.

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    BTW, provided you’re registered, as you are, you can post one HTTP link per post without getting put into the mod queue, so no need for H TTP etc.

    I hadn’t come across Hilda before – certainly sounds a “character” as is Margo.

  2. Stuart Dickson

    The biggest change in your 3.37 post is the loss of Labour list votes. Overwhelmigly, Labour votes are in Glasgow and adjacent regions and they are “wasted” votes on the list. There are no Labour list MSP places to lose so it won’t make much difference if Labour voters in Glasgow spread their list votes about a bit.

    They could vote Green in the hope of geting a place for a potential coalition partner, but the Greens already have one, and that’s their ration for now. They need a big swing to get a second.

    Incidentally the Greens are setting out in advance their sticking points for coalition: NO nuclear, coal fired, tuition feed, front line cuts.

    I hope the other minor parties follow their example.

  3. Stuart Dickson

    Unionist Grand Alliance?

    Wind-up of the week, more likely!

  4. If the Conservatives had managed to squeak a tiny majority (and perhaps they ought to before Clegg said anything) then I think they would be ahead by a few points and enjoying a belated honeymoon, all other things being similar.

    It won’t last, and I am certain trouble lies ahead.

  5. This is a tremendous site and Anthony does a really superb job!

    It would be good to have a section for the Scottish Parliamentary elections with all the constituencies listed and who is standing in them. A list of the Party’s target seats would be superb also. I loved watching the comments that came in from readers during last years General Election that gave you local information about how the campaigns were going in individual constituencies.

    On you can see this info and I have predicted the results in all of the Scottish constituencies.

    Well done Anthony, once again a really fantastic thing that you are doing.

  6. I should explain – I am not worried – we are doign far better than I expected with just 1 year in to a new Government. It is just that 4-5 weeks ago the lead was 7-9 5 it is now 4-6%. Good enough but I do think we have lost a bit of ground

    I also think that the ‘Labour caused the deficit’ myth is losing tractio, the banks are now getting more of the blame – and a lot of people think that regardless of who is to blame, the cuts are too far and too far. Unless the economy picks up DC will contibue to lose credibility.

    However we do need to sharpen our act & image. Very pleased to see so many former members and supporters coming back to help again.

  7. @ Stuart Dickson

    “She wasn’t going to, but then she changed her mind. Tis a woman’s prerogative you know.

    I agree with Barbazenzero regarding Macdonald (Lothians) and Galloway (Glasgow). I have little time for MM myself, and I absolutely detest GG for reasons which I would be unwise to publish on a public forum. He is known to sue for defamation, but what I know about the man is 100% true, and 100% replusive.”

    I don’t like him either. I’m not worried about him suing me for defamation (if he sues me, his suit will be easily thrown out of court). :)

    I think MacDonald is an interesting character for sure.

  8. Labour should be streets ahead but still lag behind the coalition.

    perhaps it is because Milliband and Balls have nothing to offer and devery time they speak they proved the point.

  9. This too far too fast argument doesn’t stand up.
    Even if we had 4% growth for many years, there would still be a large deficit if we listened to Ed Balls.

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