Tonight’s YouGov poll for the Sunday Times has topline figures of CON 36%, LAB 42%, LDEM 11%. Leaving aside that 10 point Labour lead that looks like a bit of an outlier, YouGov’s Labour lead seems to have settled at around 6-7 points now the budget bounce has subsided.

Note that I’ve also added another chunk of Opinium polls to the latest polling figures – at the same time as ICM were showing the Conservative lead and YouGov were showing the Labour lead down to 3 points Opinium were showing a tie between Labour and the Conservatives. It’s reversed again now, but there definitely was a very short lived boost just after the budget.

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    We could just do a Dalai Lama and hunt down Bonny Prince Charlie’s offspring?

    Now you’re more on oldnat’s territory, but the Claim of Right Act 1689 and still on gave legitimacy to the protestant succession, so I imagine Charlie Saxe-Coburg-Battenburg will be accepted so long as he comes to Edinburgh and swears he’s a presby, as his mum did.

  2. @?arbanzenzero
    Thanks for your remark which made me cheer up a little, as you have maybe sensed I am very sensible to Spanish matters because in my schooldays in Paris I had many Spanish friends who were sons of political refugees (as I also was, in a sense, from my Greek side) and learned Spanish from them, and then when democracy was restored in both Greece and Spain almost simultaneously we were all so happy, we could visit again our “other” countries, you citizens of UK probably never have experienced such a thing, political prisoners, dictatorship and so on, and this is the reason why I am so angry at the PP of Spain, it is not just a political disagreement over social and financial issues as with other European center-right parties, they have never officially disowned Francoism, and many of them still believe that Spain was better off then than now, with these “atheist” left-wingers who advocate free use of minority languages, religious tolerance, women’s equality, same-sex marriage and so on

  3. @ Éoin

    The first tie by Opinium was pre-Budget. This might suggest a bounce from Libya not GO.

    It does not suit my analysis but it is right I should at least flag it up as a possibility.
    It suits my analysis, so thank you. :-)

  4. @Amber

    “It won’t be David, if that’s what you are hinting”

    No it wasn’t (and it won’t be)



    You’re welcome. I too love Spain, having first visited as a teenager in the ’60s after reading Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia and agree that the PP have not been fulsome in their disavowal of Falangism, and I can’t recall them ever admitting that it was they who were the rebels against a democratically elected government. I now spend nearly half of my time in Spain and note the continued rivalry, but it’s relatively amicable nowadays.

    Orwell would have been bothered by this, though.

  6. @Barbabenzero
    Your picture from Barcelona is worth of many pages of political commenting. Thanks again – salut i Republica!

  7. new thread folk

  8. @Alec

    “If the trend for song lyrics gets going, could you also weed out anything by Morrisey and the Smiths? probably the most dirgey, over rated and pointless band of the C20th.[Step back and watch the eruption…]”

    No eruption, because I’m much too sanguine and laid back for such a reaction, but I’m going to give you top marks for including the highest number of hyperbolic inaccuracies in one sentence that I have read on these pages, although some of your previous posts have gone mighty close! lol

  9. @ Virgilio

    I share in your appreciation of Zapatero and join your tribute to him. I like him too and I think he will be appreciated for the things he did as Prime Minister, notwithstanding the current economic woes of Spain.

  10. I do wish the opinion polls actually looked at the figures which are relevant.

    That shows consistently that the support for the Coalition (Conservative +Liberal) continues to show that Labour lag well behind.

    Surely thats the most relevant of any statistic?

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