The tables for YouGov’s polling on Libya are now up here and here. People broadly approve of David Cameron’s handling of the Libya Crisis so far, with 44% thinking he had done a good job, 35% a poor job. This compares positively to impressions of President Obama’s handling of the issue – only 29% thought he had handled it well, compared to 45% who think he has performed poorly.

Overwhelmingly British people perceive the Libyan people as not supporting Colonel Gaddafi (only 4% of people believe that the Libyan people support their leader), however they are less certain whether they see coalition forces as their allies – 37% think the Libyan people welcome the West’s involvement, 39% think the coalition forces will be seen as enemies of the Libyan people.

There is comparatively little support for the principle of regime change – only 30% of people think that the coalition should be actively attempting to remove Colonel Gaddafi from power, with 56% thinking we should do only what is necessary to protect Libyan civilians.

That said, a majority of people think that it is actually only possible to protect civilians by removing Gaddafi! Only 16% think that it would be possible to come to a deal where Libyan civilians are protected while Gadaffi remains in power, 54% think it would only be possible to protect them by removing Gaddafi. Almost half (46%) of people think that the military coalition should attempt to target Gaddafi himself in air strikes if the opportunity arises, 30% of people disagree.

Many of these questions are copies of ones YouGov asked by in 2003 when the Iraq war broke out – there’s a comparison between then and now by Peter Kellner here

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  1. @Liz/Ann,

    I sincerely hope you’re both wrong.

  2. Others hit a 12 Month High with YouGov. They are 14% tonight.

  3. @TGB

    I am glad to see that my sex isn’t as warmongering.

  4. the Green Benches,
    Not at all surprised men have always been a warlike lot.
    However I am sure that I speak for Liz as well when I have
    to say that neither of us are guys!

  5. Angus Reid has others on 17% in today’s poll

  6. Ann,

    A colloquialism… In some countries its a gender neutral word :) :)

    I think if we had more women MPs we would have less machismo posturing over Global Affairs.

  7. I just read in the Daily Telegraph that the Armed Forces minister admits there is no Libya exit strategy. So are they planning to stay like in Iraq?

  8. Eoin – the 14% for others in YouGov isn’t unpredencented in recent weeks. It happened on the 9th March too.

  9. Anthony,

    Your wee archive shows 9/3/11 as 13% for others.. or did it add up to 101 as can sometimes happen with rounding?

    YouGov/Sun 09/03/2011 36 42 9 87

  10. Added up to 101 that day :)

  11. ‘Ann,
    A colloquialism… In some countries its a gender neutral word
    I think if we had more women MPs we would have less machismo posturing over Global Affairs.’

    Sexist tosh; see Hillary Clinton’s views.

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