YouGov’s daily poll for the Sun is out. Topline voting intention figures are CON 36%, LAB 43%, LDEM 9% so there is no sign of any major impact from the Libya conflict.

The poll was conducted between Sunday evening and this afternoon, so has some of the first real measures of attitudes towards the Libya bombing. I’ll post properly tomorrow, but from the figures the Sun have released so far, 45% of people say Britain, the US and France are right to take military action against Libya, 36% think it is wrong.

UPDATE: There is also a ComRes poll that shows almost the exact opposite. ComRes found 35% agreed with the statement “It is right for the UK to take military action against Colonel Gaddafi’s forces in Libya”, but 43% disagreed. The YouGov question asked “Do you think Britain, France, the US and other countries are right or wrong to take military action in Libya?” – the two obvious differences are that the ComRes question mentioned Gaddafi (which shouldn’t have this effect – in 2003 questions that mentioned Saddam by name always showed higher support for the Iraq war!), and that YouGov presented it as a joint attack by the US, France and the UK, while ComRes only mentioned the UK.

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  1. @ Billy Bob

    I don’t think I specifically asked but I was very interested in the comment you posted. I thought I’d seen it in a clip on a website (maybe the BBC) but I couldn’t find it again.

  2. A poll of polls shows that 16 million voters oppose Libyan Intervention. That is more people than were opposed to the Iraq war.

    But this time around 98% of voting MPs support intervention, whereas in 2003 More than 33% of MPs opposed Iraq.

  3. PHIL

    The ICM re-allocations are indeed interesting, but what strikes me as most significant about the poll is that it confirms the recent YouGov poll’s finding that Lab are behind with Male voters but ahead with females on three of the four political questions asked….

      Lab, SNP, Question
      46%, 30%, Constituency vote
      43%, 29%, Regional vote
      31%, 26%, Best Government
        9%, 36%, Best FM

      Lab, SNP, Question
      36%, 39%, Constituency vote
      34%, 39%, Regional vote
      29%, 39%, Best Government
        9%, 50%, Best FM

    Perhaps setting the recent SNP PPB in a pub wasn’t such a great idea?

  4. @ Howard

    “You could easily ask the following
    ‘do you agree with the decision of the United Nations to take action to protect innocent civilians in Libya?”

    You could-& probably should, since that is what UNSCR 1973 says.

    When you ask “Is it right for the UK to take military action against Colonel Gaddafi’s forces in Libya”, , the answer then becomes a mere function of Howard’s question.

    If the answer to Howard’ s question is Yes-then the answer to ComRes’s question must be -Yes if it protects civilians.

    And right now the “military action” is not protecting civilians from artillery & tank attacks in Misratah.

    Refusing to give air cover to rebel forces attacking Gaddafi forces at Ajdabyah is observing the letter of 1973-standing by whilst he kills civilians in Misratah & cuts off their water supply is not observing 1973 at all.

    The meaning & purpose of UNSCR 1973 is crystal clear.

  5. I meant also to mention Zintan, on the western Tunisian border, where Sky reports that civlians were y forced into mountain caves after heavy shelling from Libyan troops.

    UNSCR 1973 is of little help to them it would appear.

  6. @AmberStar

    This morning’s broadcast about “sleeper units” (at 32minutes):

    There is no doubt there has been gunfire during the nights since Gadhafi forces withdrew, so I have been wondering about the fate of residents in Benghazi who are associated with the existing government of Libya. A report from last week (R4 16th or 15th March which I cannot trace at the moment) said that they were hiding in their homes and the assumption was that they would be killed when rebel forces gained the ascendency.

    The rumour about African families was from Guardian comments under yesterday’s sandpit cartoon. The assertion that Gadhafi relies exclusively on mercenaries was also called into question because a proportion of the regular army is comprised of non-Arab minorities.

  7. @ Eoin

    “For anyone terribly worried about the crew of the downed US warplane… they have been rescued.”

    Thank you for your concern. It’s much appreciated. I was not aware that a plane had gone down until this morning when I woke up and learned that the pilots had been rescued.

    Also as to why there is more opposition against Libya than Iraq I think speaks for itself. Iraq was a mistake and resulted in a major catastrophe. People are anxious to avoid another Iraq and they look at Libya and see eerie similarities. It’s enough to give anyone pause. I think though that those on the left who are supportive of this action (and pushed for it before it occurred), the liberal interventionists if you will, have said, ignore the neo-cons, let’s not let the civilians of Libya be yet another casualty of Iraq.

  8. SoCal,

    There is not a day goes by where I don’t become further exposed as to just how politically naive I am.

    Hearing you support military action in Libya has taught me more in a few visits to UKPR than I could ever hope to have learned from a book.

    Likewise, seeing all three UK parties has been a similar eye opener.


  9. are the full tables for the headline figures out?

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