I somehow missed this NOP poll earlier this month, conducted for the BBC just before September 11th. Most of the results were in line with the myriad of other polls on the war on terror which were commissioned around the 5 year anniversary of the attacks on the twin towers – 56% of people thought the West was losing the war on terror, with only 20% thinking the West was winning. 52% supported withdrawing British troops from Afghanistan, 50% supported withdrawing British troops from Iraq. 55% thought the government was too closely aligned with the US on foreign policy.

The most surprising finding was on the question of whether Western governments should negotiate with Al-Qaeda. Most other polls have asked questions along the lines of whether Britain should be more conciliatory towards the Muslim world on a unilateral basis. This is the first one I’ve seen that has asked if Western Governments should actually negotiate with Al-Qaeda. A majority of respondents (52%) said no, we shouldn’t, but 32% of people think that we should.

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