The graph of YouGov’s BrandIndex tracker data below (click on the graph for a bigger version) shows the net impression figures for senior Labour party politicians over the last five months, hopefully in the coming months I’ll be updating it so we can track the manoeuvring for the Labour crown.


To date Gordon Brown has been on a slow downwards trajectory – his ratings have taken knocks after the stock market falls in mid-May, after his backing of Trident in June and after Lord Levy’s arrest when all the Labour politicians tracked saw their figures drop to some extent. These dips are small compared to the stark fall in the public’s impression of Brown since the “failed coup” against Tony Blair last week. Brown has fallen from minus 20 on the day of Tom Watson’s resignation to minus 32 in the latest figures.

In contrast the public have warmed towards Tony Blair as his party put him under pressure – his net impression rating rose from minus 34 on the day of Watson’s resignation to minus 30 now. This means that for the first time in YouGov’s daily trackers the public have a more positive impression of Tony Blair than Gordon Brown.

Amongst the other potential candidates for Labour’s leadership, John Reid enjoyed a huge boost in popularity as a result of his handling of the terror arrests in early August, which saw his net ratings shoot up from minus 16 to minus 2. However, the effect has since faded and Reid’s figures are now back to minus 15, only slightly above their level before the arrests.

Alan Johnson is once again the most popular of those politicians on the tracker who are currently being suggested as potential leadership candidates, with a rating of minus 7. To some extent however, this is due to his low public recognition. Only 22% of respondents expressed any opinion – positive or negative – about Johnson. This compares to 24% for Miliband, 42% for Reid, 71% for Brown and 77% for Blair.

However, those few who do have opinions about Johnson do tend to be positive. If you take the positive ratings as a proportion of those expressing an opinion about each politician, Johnson remains the most popular with 35% of those expressing an opinion on Johnson being positive, 32% of opinions on Reid were positive, Blair 30% positive, Brown 28% positive and Miliband just 22% positive.

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