They are coming thick and fast now! There are at least two more polls on the Labour leadership in Saturday’s papers. Communicate Research in the Independent asked who people thought would succeed Blair as Labour leader (as opposed to who they would like to), 54% of people said Brown, with John Reid second on 6% (though Alan Johnson was not given as an option). 35% of people said the new leader should call an immediate general election, with a further 35% thinking a new leader should go to the country within the first six to twelve months.

56% of people told Communicate Research that they thought the Labour government was now more divided than John Major’s Conservative government. Putting Tony Blair’s premiership in context, people think he will be seen as a better Prime Minister than John Major was (48% of people think Blair will be seen as better than Major, 26% worse than Major), but a worse Prime Minister than Margaret Thatcher (30% think Blair will be seen as better than Thatcher, 47% worse).

Meanwhile, an ICM poll for the Guardian found that 50% of the public want Tony Blair to resign before the end of the year. Another 12% want him to go prior to the local election with only 6% wanting him to leave in the period he appears to favour after the local elections. 21% would like him to continue beyond the 12 month limit he has set himself and fight the next election.

Two-thirds of respondents told ICM they wanted to see a contested leadership election, and only a third of people think that Brown is the best man to lead Labour – just over half of ICM’s respondents thought Labour would be better off with a different leader.

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