Tonight’s YouGov poll for the Sun has topline figures of CON 36%, LAB 44%, LDEM 10% – the Labour lead is back down from that 10 point lead yesterday that looked like a bit of an outlier (though that said, the average Labour lead in YouGov’s daily poll is starting to look as though it may be a touch higher than 7).

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  1. I think the BS relaunch could see a widening of Labours lead, everywhere you look the BS is being ridiculed. Tonights poll? I think Labour may go up to 45%, even the LibDems might benefit from it, it’s the Tories big plan and nothing to do with the LibDems, maybe 11% for them. The Tories on 33%?

  2. @Amber – totally agree – Big Society or BS for short will be Cameron’s equilavent to Major’s ‘Back to Basics’

  3. As far as philanthropy goes…..I think it’s a good thing. I think there are a lot of organizations out there that do great work and provide things to people. But it can’t take the place of government.

    When I was a little kid, I used to be dragged to these black tie gala events to raise money for all these different charities that attempted to encourage performing arts and music among those who were economically disadvantaged. These organizations did good work.

    But do you know what was better? When the LA County Board of Performing Arts (I think that’s what it was called, I’m probably getting the name wrong) made weekend concerts at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion free to all LAUSD students. So not just the wealthy white kids got to see concerts by the Philarmonic when dragged by their grandparents but poor kids (often minorities) from the ghettos and the barrios got to come in and see concerts too. It was made available to them in a way that no charity could ever do (to have purchased all those tickets and held them on reserve would have been prohibitively expensive). However, the government could provide this benefit. And if the goal is to expose more of the society to the performing arts, then the government succeeded in its role.

  4. Brogan of the Telegraph relishing ritual skewering of Maude by Eddie Mair on issue of Maude’s history of volunteering

  5. Thanks Barney, that was certainly worth a listen. ;-)

  6. Mark,

    Ta, I agree… he has a thing about online polling period….

  7. Gary Gatter – what do you do voluntarily in your community?

  8. The Big Society would be better if it would publicised as people taking more responsibility for their own and their communities actions.

    As it stands the Coalition have been forced to make unpopular cuts and Labour, whatever it suggests, cannot say where the money will come from.

    It is just like a credit card. the country cannot live beyond its means and we all have to stop whinging, knuckle down and get on with it.

  9. If you asked the question who is better suited in the current situation to lead the Country Cameron or Milliband you may have a much different result. If Milliband cannot muster far more than a 10% lead in the current climate then he is in real trouble.

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