Tonight’s YouGov/Sun poll has topline figures of CON 38%, LAB 44%, LDEM 8%. Yesterday’s narrowing of the Labour lead to two points looks like the outlier most people assumed it was at the time – instead we are back to figures very much in line with the Labour lead of about 5 points that YouGov have been showing for a fortnight or so.

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  1. Outside the White house. Arab Americans expressing support for the demanded change in Egypt. A common slogan “Egypt – the real ally”

    Watch AlJazeera!

  2. @Barney Crockett

    “They will be begging for it. Of course the unfortunate corrolary is that those who rely on an anti-Tory vote are finished.”

    So Lib Dem MPs will be begging for something that will finish them off. Not quite sure I follow your logic there, Barney.

    On the contrary, where the Tories are the main challenger, having proved in government that we are not the bunch of loony left wingers they always painted us as, we will now be much better placed to steal votes from them.

    You always patronisingly write us off as victims, but we can be predators as well.

  3. On the economy, if Jan-Mar shows no growth (“double dip, double dip”), frankly Labour has won the argument, no?

    So the Government either freeze cuts and go for growth, go to the country (not likely) or continue as they go.

    If they continue cutting as the economy goes deeper into recession?

    They surely can’t? Can they?

    Recession as the world emerges from recession would be gross misconduct.

    We’ll find out sometime in April. Double dip kills the coalition. We haven’t even seen the worst of the cuts.

  4. RobertC

    I thought it obvious that Barney was talking about two different groups of LDs.

    Those in the South who will be “begging for it” (unfortunate phrasing!) and those in Scotland (at least) who will be shafted by such an arrangement.

  5. In fact, I’ll go further…as a layman, it seems everything depends upon growth. You gotta have it or die in a capitalst system.

    That’s the be all and end all.

    Get us into growth and THEN you can start hacking away at the public sector, if you really must.

    Balls is looking the only one who called this.

  6. @ Barney Crockett

    “Of course Cockburn was a Scot! (Sometimes quoted as the inspiration for Hornblower)”

    Was he defeated for reelection in 1997 as well? J/k. :)

  7. @ Old Nat

    “Outside the White house. Arab Americans expressing support for the demanded change in Egypt. A common slogan “Egypt – the real ally””

    This is covered on the news here as well, not just on Al Jazeera (and btw,some Al Jazeera news items are rebroadcast on MSNBC). Of course, there are protests in front of the White House just about every day. Obama has to walk a real tightrope here. He doesn’t want a critical ally overthrown. At the same time, he can’t stand by a leader who’s about to be overthrown and become associated with that leader in the minds of those overthrowing him.

    And who can blame the protesters in this instance? They want the U.S. to stand by the principles that we use to guide the governance of our own nation and hold other nations accountable to the same standards.

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