Tonight’s YouGov/Sun voting intention figures are CON 39%, LAB 41%, LDEM 10%. A two point lead is smaller than we’ve seen of late from the daily trackers, but I’ll urge my usual caution about odd findings – it’s still well within the margins of errors of YouGov’s recent polls.

This is, of course, the first poll whose fieldwork was conducted wholly after the new GDP figures showed the economy shrinking, although much of it was before all the coverage and political arguments about the economy today. So far it clearly hasn’t damaged government support, but there’s plenty of time yet.

Note also that the Lib Dems are, once again, in double figures. It looks as though they’ve recovered slightly from mid-December when YouGov were consistently showing them at 8% or 9% – my guess it that it’ll be because the issue of tuition fees has dropped down the political agenda.

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  1. Phil


    Mind you, the Londoners do too – and both we and them give the same level of support to Hu Jintao.

    (I could give an explanation of why having Berlusconi would equal no change for Scots – but it would be far too vulgar for a family site. :-) )

  2. Here’s a question for you to give me some feedback it’s most likely been done though,so a link would be nice .Just hyperthetical .

    If Gdp is at -0.5% ,and was revised in coming months to be even worse which is a possibility .Then the rest of the quarters this year showed the same drop of -0.5 % each quarter to say -1 % for the whole year .

    What do you think the publics ,and politicians responses would be to such a year ,and do you think the coalition would be able to still commit to these cuts,and to having a credible explanation .Would they be able to stay together if public feeling was against them.

    Before everyone screams at me, it’s just a question with no offence intended to any party .

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