Tonight’s YouGov poll for the Sunday Times has topline figures of CON 37%, LAB 43%, LDEM 9%. The daily polling this week has been a bit up and down, but within the space of a week we’ve had two YouGov polls showing unusually high Labour leads – a seven and now a six when typically the Labour lead up to now has been around 3 points.

I’ll update tomorrow on the rest of the Sunday Times data.

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  1. @Howard

    “Just watched EM on AM with a cup of tea.
    This is his best media performance to date, without a shadow of doubt. I wonder what the evil producers will pick out for the news sound bights (which of course is the point) ?”

    Are you one of those cynical voters I keep hearing about? ;-)

  2. @Garry – completely agree, definitely growing with confidence.

    Some tricky questions by AM, but handled very well and made some excellent points.

  3. @AW – apologies for my last post. Lazy Sunday morning thinking on my part.

    @Howard – “The colour scheme is useful as it gives one an opportunity to sum up, as a bird’s eye view, where the balance of the comment is directed.”

    To be honest, that’s why I declined to state my preferences and hesitated to register my colours on the new site, only doing so as I had already been ‘outed’.

    As (I think) the only registered Green on the site I really don’t want to be seen as some kind of unofficial spokesman or have my views dismissed at the outset. While technically I am a Green, I disagree with many of their views on issues like nuclear power and GM technology. Conversely, there are Tory policies I have supported, as well as many others.

    I felt that if people view my colour as the means to sum up where my post is coming from it could restrict their ability to understand what I’m trying to say. Too late now anyway, for good or ill.

  4. @ Alec

    “I felt that if people view my colour as the means to sum up where my post is coming from it could restrict their ability to understand what I’m trying to say. Too late now anyway, for good or ill.”

    That’s why I cheat the system :)

  5. @Alec,

    I don’t mean inhospitable in the sense that people are (usually) rude about each other. What I mean is that the average view here, at the moment at least, is that the Tories are 100% wrong and nasty, the free market is a wicked failure, Tony Blair was a pseudo-Tory sellout etc, etc.

    If I try and build any kind of common purpose with the centre-left, based on the fact that a whole host of Labour figures from Blair to Mandelson share it, I generally find that the Labour activists here dismiss it as “bad Labour”.

    The only exception I generally here to the “my party good, your party bad” mantra is where people are opposing Labour from the left. The view here is generally anti-Iraq War, anti-privatisation, anti-PFI, anti-cuts, pro-tax hikes, anti-Monarchist, anti-Bush, anti-banker, anti-Right to Buy etc. I often get the feeling that if there were PR in Westminster elections most of the current crowd wouldn’t even vote Labour, but for a more “real” left alternative.

    Like I said, I am fine with it. I have two proper Anarchists as Facebook friends and often find myself defending representative democracy itself there, so I am a glutton for an argument. I was just trying to explain why most Tory contributors might get a bit exasperated on these pages and fail to show up.

    I only started following UKPR in 2009 so I probably missed most of the “Tory golden age” here. Even when there was a greater Tory showing last year, some of them were more of a hindrance than a help!

    It’s a shame that I can’t go Blue, but I have a niggling fear of being accused of breaching Police Regulations by being “actively involved in politics” and I don’t want to register for that reason.

  6. alex

    you are not the only one

    tonyotim? is also green but he posts mainly on the constituency threads

    i love your green background, it’s so cheerful

  7. Neil A – the balance of comments tends to be heavily in favour of whichever party is leading in the polls (switchover periods tend to involve the worst comments – there is a lot of bottled up “yah-boo-ery” that comes erupting out. Summer 2007 had *awful* comments). There is probably a spiral of silence that makes it worse – if you are in the minority, you don’t run your colours up the pole for the risk of being jumped on by everyone else (though naturally, it’s the sort of thing I’d jump in to moderate).

    Alec – the “seeing people as a spokesman for the group” problem is one I’m conscious of, and one I’ll actively moderate (in the sense of other people playing Paxman and challenging people as if they are some party spokesman)

    Billy – I can go in and change people’s settings myself you know…

    RiN – I love the green background too. I’d like more green contributors here just to make the threads look attractive.

  8. AW

    can roland come back?

  9. Purely in the name of attractive posting……

  10. I guess what we need to do is get a post by a Labourite, followed by a Lib Dem, then an SNP supporter, then me, followed by a Tory (if we can dig one up).

    I’m not sure about the next two required posts, but if your colour scheme has an indigo and violet we would literally have a Rainbow Coalition.


  11. @ AW

    What!? That is both unfair and tyrannical!

  12. @Howard

    “If Rob S and Barney C, to name but two, took the trouble to ‘come out’, it would have been a sea of red last night.”

    I’ve voted green, yellow and red since 2007 (all three more than once): currently I see no option that reflects that!!

    So I am staying in the grey-but-independent column…..OK OK ‘grey-and-anyone-but -the-Conservatives’ column.

    I’ll leave you partisans to ascribe your ‘colours’ as they say about Footie in Glasgow.


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