An ICM poll for ebay suggests that 29% of people in the areas affected by the hose pipe ban have flouted it. Of those who had broken the ban (a very small sample this, once you’ve removed people who don’t live in the South-East or haven’t broken the ban), 35% did so to water flowerbeds, 26% to wash their car and 21% to water vegetable patches. 27% said they had refilled a paddling pool or swimming pool from a hose (although actually, that isn’t covered by a standard hosepipe ban – you can’t water your garden or wash your car with a hose, but you can do anything else you so desire, including filling swimming pools).

22% of people said they had spotted a neighbour defying the hose-pipe ban, thought 54% said they would turn a blind eye rather than report them to the water company.

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