How to read polls

Forgot to mention this earlier – a article I wrote for Total Politics last month giving tips on the best way to get the most of opinion polls

3 Responses to “How to read polls”

  1. Good points AW, especially about taking into account all the polling on a given subject (different question wordings etc).

    Btw, the sentence beginning “In contrast, anti-hunting campaigners would normally….”, it looks like it has acquired a glitch.

  2. Yes, the title of the piece ended up in the middle of the sentence. Luckily the sense emerged anyway,

    A good piece mine host. I’ll just crawl away now..

  3. I printed off the article to pin above my desk at work. I understand the key point about using the Scottish or Welsh figures in UK polls as the numbers are small but isn’t there some reliance that can be put on a cumulative base using a number of sequential polls? Is there a formula or anything?