Two polls tonight –

YouGov’s daily poll for the Sun continues to show the two main parties neck and neck, with CON 40%, LAB 40%, LDEM 10%.

Meanwhile a ComRes telephone poll for the Independent has topline figures of CON 36%(+1), LAB 40%(+3), LDEM 12%(-4). Changes are from ComRes’s previous telephone poll a month ago, rather than their online poll a week or so ago (these figures suggest there isn’t a vast difference between the two – last week their online poll was 37/38/13 – but I’ll wait for 6 months parallel data at the very least before treating them as a single series). I believe this is the lowest Lib Dem score since the election from a telephone survey.

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  1. Howard – you are. In the month’s prior to an election new recruits to the panel are excluded from political polls (for the last election, IIRC the closed period was Sept 2009 to May 2010)

  2. @NEIL A

    You advocate a return to sensible non-competitive banking a la pre 1975, where there was an unwritten banking code that banks didn’t poach customers from other banks and if you approached a bank to open a new account, the first thing the new manager did was to phone up his counterpart at your old bank to determine if you were a good customer or not. Oh! and managers knew their customers and as a result made sensible decisions in the main. Halcyon days.
    I fear that the genie cannot be put back in the bottle though.
    However, I think that non status mortgages are no longer available thank fully and the banks generally have tightened up considerably, wanting much higher deposits now. HSBC for one want to know all your regular commitments & outgoings (car loan, council tax etc) and these are all taken into account when determining how much you can borrow. Affordability is a much more accurate measure of mortgage eligibility than a blanket 3 X income. Try the on line HSBC model, you will be amazed how little you can borrow!

  3. Doug Stanhope

    “Support for Scottish independence only 22% in latest ipsos-mori Scotland poll – this is pretty bad for Salmond – he said the SNP in Government would increase support for seperation. it has done the exact opposite.”

    A successful SNP government is certainly a necessary precondition before there is any possibility of people being persuaded to vote for independence. I don’t think he would have expected an instant change.


    “….. the snp mine every topic for a possible dispute with the UK government.”

    Pot, Kettle, Black.

    I expect nothing better from any party at Westminster, because that is the culture of the place (and why, in the absence of reform I’ll vote for independence) but SLAB’s record of negativity and opposition for opposition’s sake dishonours Donald Dewar’s legacy and damages my parliament so I despise them for it.

    Ironically, the SNP are often closer to (Old) Labour party members than the latter are to NewLabour at Westminster.

    Creating conflict artificially is contrary to the Founding Principle of openness, and should be deplored by anyone who claims to be a democrat. Sadly, the only fit for purpose parliament we have has too many members willing to take instruction from elsewhere and whose conception of political argument is formed by PMQ in a failed out of date and inefficent parliament.

    Your party is not the only one to display such bad behaviour but the Conservatives do it in a very half-hearted manner. It is no surprise that the honourable exception within Labour is the now marginalised sole remaining MP who had the vision to follow Donald Dewar into the new Scottish Parliament.

  4. @ John B Dick

    I’m sorry John B DIck but the SNP are huge opportunists.
    They said before the election that Labour and the tories were as bad as each other and then blamed Labour after the election for not keep inging out the tories when presumably 6 MPs would be voting on English Matters to keep a British Administration afloat

    Alex salmond is also hugely negative at FMQs every week and he is no better than Iain Gray.

  5. A Brown @ John B Dick

    “I’m sorry John B DIck but the SNP are huge opportunists.”

    I ddn’t say they wern’t, but your argument doesn’t demonstrate that they are. We all know what they want, and they would have supported Labour only at a price (referendum) that Labour wern’t likely to be willing to pay.

    My argument wasn’t about opportunism, or even about excessive focusing on your main policy, but about negativity, pots and kettles.

    Alex Salmond responds to what he gets. He takes a very different tone with Annabel Goldie, and she with him.

    Labour should try another approach, but it may be that they are doing what they have agreed to do. Maybe a new leader will give them a new strategy.

    Barney said the SNP were picking fights with the UK government. Don’t they pay someone down there actually to lead opposition? That’s the public schoolboys game.

    Labour think that’s their role in a parliament for grown-ups too. It’s not what Donald Dewar told the Queen people wanted from their new parliament.

    Nobody else does it to the same extent. The independents, Greens, (and formerly the Socialists) never do it. It is a waste of time for them and they prefer to get their message across.

    It’s dragging the tone of the place down.

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