There is a new online ComRes poll in tomorrow’s Indy on Sunday. Topline figures are CON 37%(-3), LAB 38%(+4), LDEM 13%(-1), Others 12%.

ComRes are currently conducting both online and telephone polls. There are significant effects from both mode and sampling, so I’m drawing comparisons for ComRes polls from their previous poll conducted using the same method – hence my changes are from their last online poll in mid-October, not their last telephone poll in November, which showed figures of CON 35%, LAB 37%, LDEM 16%. Over time of course we’ll be able to draw firmer conclusions over whether ComRes’s online and telephone results do differ.

ComRes also asked a number of agree or disagree statements on the cuts which showed the normal pattern we’ve become accustomed to in recent polling – people now tend to see the cuts being done in an unfair way and think they are being done too fast… but a plurality disagreed with the idea that the government was exaggerating the need for them.

Still to come tonight is the weekly YouGov poll for the Sunday Times, and possibly others I’m not aware of yet.

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  1. Anthony has put a new thread up.

  2. @ Garry K

    He is, unfortunately I’m a Bantams fan which is a sore point! His dad was a lecturer in Leeds for a few years, EM and DM went to Primary School in Horsforth.

  3. Leeds have a about a 10% chance of getting into the premiership this time (weak defence), and if they do they would need a whole new team, Then would be 90% to be relegated first time around.

    I would put more ££s on the Libdems increasing their seats in 2015 than Leeds getting up and staying up this time.

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