ICM/Newsnight – 57% support animal testing for medical research. More on polls about animal testing here.
Harris/FT – attitudes towards Russia. Only 12% of people think of Russia as being a democracy, but more people see it as a partner (41%) than as a threat (23%). The US is seen as the greatest threat to world peace by 28% of Britons, compared to 29% for North Korea and 10% for Iran.

The perils of voodoo polling. As I’ve harped on at length about in the past, open access polls on daytime tv shows and newspaper websites are meaningless (perhaps too much – I’m cited on Wikipedia under the phrase voodoo polls). Here’s a good example why: perhaps the first example of a systematic attempt to skew voodoo polls. Download the program, it will scour the internet and tell you whenever there is a voodoo poll on Israel for you to try and skew. See – worthless.

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