The FT have published MORI’s monthly political monitor. The topline figures with changes from MORI’s last monthly poll are CON 36%(nc), LAB 32%(-1), LDEM 24%(+3), suggesting that while there is little change in levels of support for the Conservatives and Labour, the Liberal Democrats have benefitted from their vocal condemnation of Israel’s actions in Lebanon.

It is worth noting that the poll was conducted almost simultaeneously with the YouGov and ICM polls released last week which showed no such boost for the Lib Dems, suggesting that this figure may well just be a blip. The lack of past vote weighting and the harsh use of a filter by likelihood to vote makes MORI’s figures significantly more volatile than any other pollster (the average change in a party’s support in each pollster’s regular monthly polls are YouGov 1.58 points, ICM 1.77 points, Populus 1.86 points (since changing methodlogy in January) and MORI 3.26 points).

Tony Blair’s approval ratings reached a new low. Only 23% were satisfied with the job he was doing as Prime Minister with 67% disatisfied, a net approval of minus 44. To put this in context, the 23% approval rating is getting close to the sort of figures Thatcher recorded during the poll tax riots (20% and 21%) – though John Major endured levels of satisfaction below that for the majority of 1994. While the FT does not carry the figures, it also reports that David Cameron’s satisfaction ratings showed the same sort of fall that YouGov recorded last week, giving him a negative approval rating for the first time.

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