The rest of YouGov’s post-Miliband poll is in the Sun here, and should be up on the YouGov website shortly. On the whole it’s pretty positive for Miliband – albeit, in a “reserving judgement” sort of way.

43% think Miliband will do well as leader, compared to only 23% badly, 34% don’t know yet. 33% think trade unions will have too much influence over Labour under Ed Miliband, 29% disagree, and 38% don’t know yet. On YouGov’s regular tracker of leaders’ qualities Ed Miliband scores best on being in touch with ordinary people (23%) and sticking to what he believes in (17%), but unsurprisingly 44% don’t yet know enough about him to answer. On the whole, he is still an unknown quantity for the public.

Perhaps the most interesting question on there is whether people think the election of Miliband moved the party to the left. 42% think it has – this includes 35% of Labour supporters, but they overwhelmingly see this is a good thing. YouGov also asked if the description of “Red Ed” was justified – only 19% thought it was, 31% did not (and again, 51% didn’t know).

Meanwhile the Times front page was dominated by some Conservative party polling from the start of the September. Basically, Populus showed respondents two video clips of David and Ed Miliband and asked people to rate them on various attributes, with the conclusion that David Miliband came out far better than Ed… confirming, albeit in far more detail, previous polls that showed David was more attractive to the wider public than Ed. I suspect “leaked” in the paper may translate as “deliberately released on the day after Ed Miliband became leader to undermine him now it’s too late for Labour to pick the good one”.

UPDATE: Rubbish reporting of polls times – the New Statesman dismisses the Conservative party’s Populus poll because “Without more information about when precisely the poll was conducted, who the respondents were (party affiliation and so on), and whether responses were based purely on campaign videos, it is impossible to consider this a serious blow to Ed Miliband”. Sound words indeed that I would normally agree with… except 10 seconds research on Populus’s website would tell you it was a nationally representative poll conducted between the 3rd and 5th September, in fact the dates are even in the Times article (it doesn’t tell you whether any other stimulus was used beside campaign videos, but Populus would be obliged under BPC rules to tell any journalist who asked). At least make an effort, dammit.

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    The Coulson matter is not an issue, that is why as predicted it has gone nowhere. This is Labour, desperate for something to talk about whilst the faithfull got exited about two Hampstead lefties for 5 months.
    As for Hague, well, the love that cannot speak its name no longer matters.

  2. I wonder if people think the ‘new generation’ tagline will gain any real traction in the public imagination?

    I know the Tories went for Hague in 97, but was there a similar attempt to ‘clean the decks’ and bring in new faces so quickly? I don’t recall such a move, but the memory can cheat…

    Certainly the new shadow cabinet will look markedly different at the very top.

  3. Irish bonds have breached 7%.

    Message to Red-Ed,this is what happens when you don’t live within your means.

    Ireland prepares for IMF intervention.

    If a bloke who has been gone for 5 months is no longer a bogey man, why does the name Thatcher keep coming up on this board after 20 odd years?
    The Tories had a name for economic competence, and they lost it. Brown had a name for economic competence, and he lost it.
    The nasty party tag was not an issue last May and Cameron is a different kettle of cod to his predecessor. Your criticism is in my view unfounded.

    “Live within your means”, what do you mean, what about the workers, what about the NHS, what about the ability to pay for fast food that gives one diabetes and heart attacks. What about families, what about the old, what about jumped up polytechnic lecturers riding around in ministerial Jags.
    Live within your means indeed. Ridiculous.

  6. @ Éoin

    I can end any speculation about the role Andy Burnham is hoping for, if (when) he is given a role in the shadow cabinet.

    He would like to retain his position at Health. I will be very surprised if he isn’t given it. 8-)

  7. Amber,

    that would be good news…. :) I would have liked to hear his name or NCS idea mentioned in the speech

  8. @ Éoin

    Only outgoers get a mention – can’t skew the shadow cabinet elections.

    I think the NCS idea will be on the backburner until it is costed for a ‘shadow’ budget. 8-)

  9. Chancellor? Hard to say from this speech. Ed didn’t lock down policy either way. It could be David M, Ed B or (less likely) YC.


    Less than 1m front line workers,teachers,nurses etc,6m public sector workers.

    You Sir are the one talking nonsense.

    US stocks fall today as Obama’s spend ,spend policy unravels us consumer confidence fell to a 7 month low,this in the US is huge as 70% of the US economy is consumer spending.

    No individual can spend their way out of debt,nor company nor family,why on earth do ‘flat earthers’ the left,think any Government can?

  11. Amber,

    Good explanation- thanks

    I fancy DM for chancellor but the narraitve of on pay gap and banker bashing would make it diff for DM to take the job.


    Sorry if you were being sarcastic,i admit to not reading you post entirely,get used to all the left-wing love-in on this forum i skip anything that spouts more spending of other peoples money,this case the nations credit card,that needs to be cut up fast.

  13. ‘@Eoin,
    I do not think David Milliband could have made that speech.How could he have condemned the Iraq war for a start?

  14. Ann,

    Yes there were some differences I accept. DM was a good foreign sec. and not Foreigh Sec. at the time of the invasion….

    But he was reluctant to distance himself from it… Statesmanship mattered more to him than reconnecting. (a tough call) When it is just words too it makes it all the more silly (though not to take away from the lives lost).

  15. @ Richard

    You must really hate David Cameron then ;)

  16. @RICHARD
    Ed Millibands wonderful speech has turned me into a socialist. “David Cameron is not a true patriot, a patriot builds a future for kidz”. So they can grow up in a busted country with no money. Now thats a real legacy.

    I wished I had a £ for everytime he said “kidz”.

  17. @Richard – “Irish bonds have breached 7%.
    Message to Red-Ed,this is what happens when you don’t live within your means.”

    Oddly enough, there is a counter argument that has validity to say that Ireland’s current problems are due to cuting too fast.

    The widening spread on it’s bonds and the inability to complete their recent bond sale is because the markets have seen their economy slump after doing what they were told by the IMF and engaging in massive and rapid spending cuts. By doing this they have pitched themselves back into recession and are seeing shrinking tax revenue and a deficit as % of GDP that isn’t going down, despite falling spending.

    Ireland is a different case to the UK, and a particularly extreme example of the follies of unregulated markets, but the ultimate irony would be if Ireland went cap in hand to the IMF after being lauded by the same IMF for taking the necessary steps to reduce it’s deficit.

    By the way – I’m pretty sure it’s the same IMF that completely failed to tell us that the entire global financial system was about to collapse. These guys are just so good at what they do.

  18. Billy

    Na,life’s to short to hate mate.

    I would prefer another tory leader though,we can’t have everything though eh.

    I just don’t see how planning to give £67bn+ yr away to China and other organisations in debt interest is having a social responsibility Labour voters.

  19. @ Richard

    …i skip anything that spouts more spending of other peoples money,
    Good to know; & you didn’t really read Roland’s comment either (or you are immune to irony).

    Why on earth would you imagine that anybody will want to read your words of wisdom, when you treat others with such contempt? 8-)

  20. @Eoin
    I thought david milliband looked pretty stoney faced during the speech.I really do not think he will be in the shadow cabinet now .This might make things easier regarding the shadow chancellor post?,

  21. Can anyone at all tell me, if Labour was so clearly spending too much and ‘not living within our means’ why David Cameron was, until about three years ago, promising to match our spending pound for pound?

    This economics thing is easy with hindsight, isn’t it?

  22. @ Richard

    I just don’t see how planning to give £67bn+ yr away to China and other organisations in debt interest is having a social responsibility Labour voters.
    Guess again – Most of it goes to British Banks, Insurance companies & UK Pension funds. 8-)

    I imagine that those people who lost a British soldier in Labours wars are feeling really great this PM. Blair starts it, Brown seriously underfunds it, and now Milliband says it was a mistake. It must make their loss seem really worthwhile.

  24. @ Richard

    Yup – that’s life :)

    Well the Tories are still borrowing money, so maybe you could ask them that?

  25. Amber Star

    I started to read Roland’s post and got as far as:

    “Live within your means”, what do you mean, what about the workers, what about the NHS

    I then was wrong to stop reading.

    I have said sorry to him though,what more do you want blood? : )

  26. @RICHARD
    Blood will not be required Richard, we need every Tory we can get on here.

  27. Amber Star

    It has to be raised in tax every year though,do you not see that raising that amount of money every year in tax to spend on debt interest & not spending it on schools,nurses etc is wrong?

    Get the debt down then the debt interest goes down,simplesss!

  28. @ Richard

    what more do you want blood? : )
    A cup of tea & a biscuit would be nice. ;-)

  29. Ann,

    Yes I would surmise that your suspicions are correct. I observed that he was stoney faced.

    On Ed M I am still none the wiser about him. He did not detail any policy, which infuriates me I must say. Conventional wisdom in political strategy these days, seems to be to let noone know what you are thinking. I will try to be pateint, I am sure policy will some day rear its head.

  30. @ Richard

    I am in favour of zero interest on government investment. The BoE creates money (QE), gives it to the Banks & then pays interest on it. Weird, is it not?

  31. @ Éoin

    Labour is a democratic party, with a leader not a dictator. Ed M can lay out his personal beliefs/ philosophy but he doesn’t get to lay out Labour policy in his acceptance speech. That’s not within his purview.

  32. Amber Star

    Weird & dangerous,the banks can then make profits by buying more Governemnt bonds,then as a result they do not have to make new loans,as a result the economy suffers from lack of credit & dosn’t recover fast enough to bring down unemployment,therefore the deficit enlarges and the whole sorry cycle repeats itself.

    Look at Ireland they lend money to Greece at 5%,as part of the eurozone countries agreement to bailout Greece,but they are now paying 7% to borrow it,CRAZY!

  33. Amber,

    Yes I get that (new buzz phrase). Ed M offered very encouraging words on Trident today which will cheer the CNDers amongst us :)

  34. I really put no weight on the Conservative “leak” of a “private” poll that showed people’s opinions of a video put together by the Conservatives. For all we know, they had one done with a different video, that showed people preferring Ed over David.

  35. And he will vote yes for AV – so there’s something for the electoral reformers.

    I think Jay’s comment inferred that Labour are backing AV – but that wasn’t what Ed said. He said he, personally, will vote yes. Party policy on that still to come. ;-)

  36. @Eoin,
    Lets hope so! mind you Cameron was pretty vague on policy during his opposition tears I.M.H O.

  37. i’ve just read ed’s speech

    my first impressions

    too long and very flat

    it seemed very cut and paste, i assume that there was a team of writers and none of them knew who was in charge

    how many parties is this guy leading, i counted four. i knew the reds were a broad church but this is a bit much(none of the four were old labour, which means 10 to 20% of voters have no representation and never will). you can have one foot in france and one in gremany but you can’t have one foot in france and the other in england without getting wet.

    a lot of things to like as a libdem, too much to be credible

    a jew being tough on israel! he already got the blues gunning for him now he taken on the israel lobby on his first day on the job and they will be really nasty to someone they see as a turncoat. this guy has got b*lls in more ways than one

    the “i love you tony and gordon but now p*ss off” tone was confusing

    the speech used some of the same rhetorical tricks that blair used but ineffectively

    ok that’s all i got for the mo


  39. @Amber Star

    But it’s hard to see an Official Labour No Campaign when the leader of the Labour party has pledged to vote Yes.

  40. @EOIN
    For those of you interested in getting elected again one day, I would not put to much stock in CND policies.
    You may remember it was not a big seller last time Labour tried it. The public may say when asked by a pollster at present, that saving the money is more important than having a deterrent, but when the evidence of our vulnerability was placed before them properly, the bomb would win. The world is just as dangerous as it ever was.

  41. Ann,

    Where that phrase Imho ever came from is beyond me….

    Yes DC was very policy lite for many years…. I tend to have a set of principles whcih I apply to all aprties and leaders… if I criticised DC for it, it would be wrong of me to deny it in EM’s case.

    But Amber makes a very good point…. we have not even elected our shadow cabinet yet. I should be more patient :(

  42. Roland,

    It is rare I make a opportunistc political point but here goes…

    If Blueys can use the veil of cuts to get rid of quangos or databses they are opposed to well then reddy’s can use the veil of cuts to demilitarise our nuclear arsenal.

    tit for tat point scoring I think the voters would buy it

    ps… your post about Iraq was spot on.

  43. Roland,

    It is rare I make a naked political point but here goes…

    If Blueys can use the veil of cuts to get rid of quangos or databses they are opposed to well then reddy’s can use the veil of cuts to demilitarise our nuclear weapons (I had to change that word because it got stuck in Moderation).

    tit for tat point scoring I think the voters would buy it

    ps… your post about Iraq was spot on.

  44. @ Jay

    But it’s hard to see an Official Labour No Campaign when the leader of the Labour party has pledged to vote Yes.
    I agree, it will either be a Yes campaign or there will not be a campaign & it will be up to individuals to make their own decision. Clegg will attempt to portray not campaigning either way as ‘indecisive’. So we must wait to see what happens. I just didn’t want folks getting ahead of the Party.

    That seems to be my ‘job’ for today. ;-)


    It is very funny for me to read your post. In South Africa, they call the British South Africans a rude name. They say that the Dutchmen became Afrikaners and forgot Holland. But the Brits always had one foot in SA and one foot in Britain. Therefore, their private parts dangled in the sea and got salt on them. I had this in mind whilst listening to the new Labour leader. Then read your comments and had to titter. BTW, I agree.

  46. @ Richard in Norway

    You can’t do a rousing speech, having just lost an election. I expected it to be a little bit ‘flat’ & with some minor contradictions.

    He didn’t prove me wrong but I don’t see this as an important speech anyway.

    As I said to Éoin, Ed has no authority to include policy in his acceptance speech & I can never be bothered with all the moral compass stuff so there was almost no chance of me rating it highly. 8-)

  47. Here are my thoughts on the potential line up of the next cabinet:

    (shadow of course)

    Leader: Ed Miliband
    Chancellor: Yvette Cooper
    Foreign Sec: Peter Hain/ Jim Murphy
    Home Sec: Harriet Harman/ John Denham
    Justice: Douglas Alexander
    Leader of Commons: Alan Johnson
    Business: Liam Byrne
    Health Sec: Andy Burnham
    Education Sec: Ed Balls
    Defence: Peter Hain
    Enivronment: Hilary Benn
    Culture: Tessa Jowell

    Has Sadiq Khan announced if he is standing for election?

  48. If Labour went down the CND route, I would have serious reservations about voting them, let alone remaining a member of the party.

  49. roland

    i’m glad you liked it

    i’m looking forward to the blue bash and i will be casting my eye over DC’s first speech as PM to the faithful, i will also be looking at GO’s effort. i hope you won’t be offended if i’m critical

    i’m very hopful that this years blue bash will be good for the dems

  50. So, just to understand this…the IMF advise Ireland on what action it should take to reduce the deficit which the Irish government duly heeds. Result, the economy crashes so Ireland will now go cap in hand to the IMF…

    It would of course be inappropriate to suggest that loan sharks could learn from the IMF.

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