YouGov’s daily poll for the Sun tonight has topline figures of CON 40%, LAB 39%, LDEM 12%. It’s the lowest lead YouGov have shown since the election (and, indeed, since the election-that-never-was), although ICM have already shown the two parties neck and neck.

We have been seeing the gap between Labour and the Conservatives gradually narrowing over the summer. We are rapidly heading towards the conference system, which looking at past elections has normally produced a lot of up and down in the polls as each party gets some sort of boost from the media coverage of their own conference – I’d be surprised if we didn’t get a poll showing Labour ahead during their conference if we don’t get one this week.

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  1. Perhaps the bar chart (which looks like a histogram) will reflect reality Amber.

    Meanwhile a YG poll of LD members shows that only 7% of us favour Trident replacement, 57% don’t want anything and the rest a cheaper alternative. (That last strikes me as a bit daft frankly).

    That result does not strike me as one where all the left wing has left us for other parties.

    The Sky poll is at

  2. Amber,

    It is not that Clegg’s convictions keep changing. he is just becomming more honest about what they are.

    I have said since he became leader he was a righty… He is just finally plucking up the goolies to tell us all.

    I wonder will he succeed in converting the Teather’s and Huhne’s of this world?

    When i think back of all those soft reds impressed by him…. gees.

  3. Eoin

    “It is not that Clegg’s convictions keep changing. he is just becomming more honest about what they are.”

    I think that’s right Eoin.

    None of the LibDems had a clue what being in government meant-not in practice.

    Now they do-they’ve had the briefings & seen all the skeletons-and the civil servants are looking at them and saying-well what do you want me to do about it Minister?

    It must have been traumatic-and I’m sure it has concentrated a few minds.

  4. Clegg and Jo
    Someone will no doubt explain to Clegg that when Jo was leader they had 6 MPs
    Old Nat
    I haven’t been able tp post for a while or I also would have waded in about the relative churches. C of E people may not only be surprised at what you posted but also that the leader of the C of S is …actually God. The Moderator has governance.
    In Glasgow the lottery paid for a museum of religion which had a stone carved plaque on each of the main religions. The one on C of S had to have a chisel taken to it to make this clear.
    Tax and habits?
    Surely the problem with most of these suggestions is our ever-present globalisation/free markets. We have limits on taxing tobacco and alcohol because it leads to evasion which weak borders/euro law make easy. Also our population rebel at controls which other nations may accept. Eg a worker at my work-place is Swedish and returning home for a visit to a remote part of Sweden. She remarked on its home brew etc industry and I said that I presumed that was only possible because of remoteness from the tentacles of ALKO and she agreed confirming that Swedes will go abroad even to buy the materials for making home brew for fear of being reported.


    “I’ve been interested and involved in politics since the mid 1960s.

    In all that time I can think of absolutely nothing to thank the Tories”

    They abolished Schedule A and Schedule B income tax. They were more trouble than they were worth.

  6. Sue Marsh

    “I only buy natural products – Fruit, Veg, Meat, Fish, Milk, Bread, etc.”

    Every ten days or so we get a box of oganic veg for £7.50 which is half the price of the ordinary stuff from te supermarket. Local quality food producers have just had their Eat Bute event. Local, quality, fresh and often organic food is promoted by the Scottish government for health, environmental and economic (including food tourism) reasons.

  7. Hooded Man

    “Mike N, if you can come up with a politically, fiscally and economically viable proposal for a flexible and responsive taxation system then you should be CofE….. ”


    Make company income tax voluntary for chosen sectors.

    Payable at a discount in shares/share options
    A National investment fund
    Selected industries
    Differential rates

    Each party would use it in a different way

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