YouGov have a poll in this morning’s Sun on Israel’s boarding of the Gaza convoy. Asked about the principle of the Israeli blockade of Gaza 22% thought it was the right thing to do, 53% were opposed.

Turning to the specific incident, 55% of respondents thought that Israeli troops over-reacted to people on the ship who were on the whole non-violent, with only 18% saying they were probably acting in self-defence. Only 23% of respondents thought the intention of the convoy was a confrontation with Israel, with 44% believing its genuine intention was to take humanitarian supplies to Gaza.

YouGov also asked a general question about whether people were more sympathetic towards Israel or the Palestinians. 13% were more sympathetic to Israel, 25% more sympathetic to the Palestinians, 41% were not particularly sympathetic to either.

Bear in mind the timing of that final question – no doubt the fact that Israeli soldiers had just shot lots of people on a convoy affected people’s answer to this question, and it if had been asked at a time when there was not a particular controversy about Israel in the news there would probably have been a different answer. However, the point of the question was to repeat of a question YouGov asked back in July 2006 at the time of the Lebanon conflict, a time was Israel was also facing widespread international criticism, and since them public sympathy for Israel has declined significantly (in 2006 20% were sympathetic to Israel, 18% with the Palestinians).

Looking at the crossbreaks, Conservative supporters do indeed tend to be more sympathetic towards Israel, but not by a vast amount. Even Tory voters say by a large margin that they think Israel over-reacted and that the blockade is wrong. There is also a noticable gender difference, with men more sympathetic to Israel and women more likely to be non-committal.

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  1. @ Eion

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    There are some protected Mozzarella that do not have preservatives. One has exploded in my fridge a few months ago (went behind some salami rod (I know, I shouldn’t keep salami in the fridge, but I don’t have a larder).

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    Now, I stop writing about cheese.

  2. Yes, 179 votes so far for all the candidates.

  3. Laszlo,

    Dont the Eye Ties just leave their proscuito on the sideboard exposed to the elements? North W’s elements are fridge conditions anyways ;) Yes your right we better stop….

  4. @ ROLAND

    “The content of his latest speech warmed the cockles of my heart. I am confident Colin will feel the same way and share his delight. ”

    To a point Roland.

    I always thought Vince had plenty of principles-one for any occasion.

    All LibDEms are now learning to live with the possible & practical , rather than the fairy land they inhabited in perennial opposition.

    But I still have him down as the first problem area of significance. GO will decide on CGT. But Vince has a thing for Banks & definitely wants to have his name on sorting them out. Could be turf wars there with GO.

  5. £ = 1.21 against the Euro :)

  6. Colin and Roland,

    At 67, and I hate being ageist, Vince Cable really is what Vince Cable really is and that is true onto himself. Maybe the Robin Cook of this administration.

    He’s 72 at the next election, he may or may not stand again but he is not in politics now for anything more than to get things done 9as he sees it) with the benefit of age and experience. He isn’t going to be PM, or Chancellor is he?

    So where he is as unexpected 6 weeks ago, is where he is and he’s enjoying it and why not?

  7. Ok; I now think Israel is the problem, not the solution. I also think its blockade of Gaza is basically collective punishment and is against international law. (Worthy of a WW2 ghetto actually). I note the appalling invasion of Gaza last year where Israel committed all sorts of atrocities, not least destruction of so many buildings. Israel even makes South Africa under apartheid seems loveable – how the times have changed. I also think all Gaza humanitarian ships should actually call themselves Exodus 2, 3, 4 to remind Israel what it was like to have people applying blockades on Palestine…

    Anyway, given the appalling attacks on everyone’s buildings in Gaza did you know cement is banned for rebuilding? Does this mean Israel is now anti-cementic?

    (Ok bad joke, and I stole it from radio 4 this evening

  8. ‘srael was tonight under pressure to allow an independent inquiry into its assault on the Gaza aid flotilla after autopsy results on the bodies of those killed, obtained by the Guardian, revealed they were peppered with 9mm bullets, many fired at close range.’

    according to the news tonight. I now totally reject my joke. Israel are fools. They are stoking the fires ever closer. Turning Turkey into a an Islamic state was not the brightest idea, but that’s what they have achieved. Even Egypt has – sort of- opened the crossing with Gaza. Wait till the Muslim Brotherhood rule ( 10 years?)…

  9. @ Jack Jackson.

    Thanks for your post on VC.

    It makes me think mine was a tad churlish.

    You’re probably right-he doesn’t have time for grand gestures of political principle-just wants to achieve something in the UK recovery plan whilst he holds office.

    Thought the G20 communique on Deficit Reduction was interesting ;-)

  10. ‘The hijacking of the truth: Film evidence ‘destroyed’
    Protesters say Israel had an assassination list. Israel says soldiers fired only in self-defence. So what really happened on 31 May? Catrina Stewart reports’

    from the current Guardian article. And Isreal is going to conduct a review reviewing itself. Why do I have doubts? Sorry Isareal you have lost the plot and are up there with apartheid South Africa with your rejection of international law and use of violence and creation of open jails and imposition of collective punishment. Banning jam??? Banning concrete after you have been in there and destroyed large parts of the cities? get real. Get a world view which matches reality. You are now the problem for mauch of the western world…

  11. Jack

    What a stupid partisan quote from The Guardian.

    Presumably this Catrina Stewart is a 14-year old on work experience (and is taught by an Arab Geography teacher).

    Hopefully the Guardian is reputable enough not to offer her a fulltime job.

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