YouGov’s poll for the Sun this morning asked people their preference on the coalition deal. 20% wanted the Conservatives to govern as a minority, 33% wanted a pact or coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats (giving a total of 53% wanting a Conservative led government), 39% of respondents backed the Labour, Lib Dem, SNP, etc rainbow coalition.

YouGov also asked whether people would prefer FPTP or a proportional system. 38% backed FPTP, 47% proportional representation – this was a repeat of a question YouGov asked a week or so before the general election, and there has not been any significant change in opinion.

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  1. Did anyone pick up on Michael Crick’s piece today when he commented, that of the 12 Con/Lab/LD negotiators, 11 went to Oxford, all white males, no women or BME’s.


    I re joined Labour two days ago.
    Welcome home :-)

    You beat the rush – we need smart guys like you ;-)

  3. Sue Marsh
    George Osborne as chancellor? firs big mistake? could have lived with KC and VC

    yep, agreed. Not having Ken Clarke there before the election cost them a majority in my opinion. GO just looks so stereo-typically posh that its a turn off.

    not electorate endearing.

  4. @ Sue

    “credit where it’s due. Good speech and I hope he does exactly that.”

    And that’s alwasy been my worry about David Cameron; his ability to talk alot and convince people that he said a lot.

    What annoyned me more though was that he said “outgoing Prime Minister” rather than “Gordon Brown”.

  5. It’s official, I’m red again!

  6. “I cherish liberalism & freedom, something the Tories have a terrible record on, re GCHQ.

    Gladstone would turn in his grave.”

    Presumably a few less revolutions than if there’d been a lib/lab coalition then? (id cards, dna database, etc)

  7. Lots of women and minorities on the Labour negotiating team though… Balls, Mandelson, Campbell, Adonis…

  8. **SN***

    Paddy Pantsdown gets Defence

  9. I am a Lib Dem voter no more.

    I’m disgusted by what has happened.

  10. @Julian………….Ooooher ! :-)

  11. Liam Fox is ousted from defence – by Paddy? :-)

  12. Welcome Pam ;) ;) ;)

  13. Thanks Xiby, it’s good to be home :-)

  14. DC does sound sincere in his wish to take care of the old, infirm etc but then I remember Mrs T with her first speech on the the steps of 10 Downing St quoting St Francis ..

  15. Hmm. Hopefully Osborne will be told “just do what Vince and Ken tell you, there’s a good boy” Laura K just saying on BBC 24 that only GO’s appointment will be announced tonight “to reassure the markets”. As I said Hmm.

  16. John Prescott is up for a fight………..he looks a bit out of condition to me, perhaps he should stick to New Labour indoor sports. :-)


    – Come home to Labour :-)

    Now is our opportunity to over-turn past policy mistakes like id cards etc.

    Things can only get better ?????

  18. i see a few labour supporters have signed up for the greater good.
    its a real shame you didnt when it really mattered.

  19. I think Hague will be good as FO.

    No danger of the Falkland Islands changing hands. lol


    “..only GO’s appointment will be announced tonight “to reassure the markets”.

    Vince Cable being side lined already, & they aren’t even out the gate?!!

  21. I will abide by a protocol of decency tonight. I welcome Cameron as Prime Minister. It was a nice , simple speech. Not the guff which Mrs T said [ all those Francis Assisi business – none of which she intended to carry out ].

    Gordon Brown speech was dignified. A mark of the man. I am not exaggerating, there has been no better friend of the poor and the disadvanytaged than Gordon Brown in the last 50 years.

    Tomorrow, we can discuss the coalition. We will start with how many manifesto comittments have already been broken.

  22. @Amber Starr

    I am seriously considering Labour now!

    I can’t believe what the Libs have done.

    Labour now seems like the only viable alternative. They will pick up a lot of disgruntled LD’s.

  23. I’ve come home. I’d love to know how many joined Labour tonight.

  24. “GO’s appointment will be announced tonight “to reassure the markets”.


    …Oh sorry, they were serious?

  25. Ken – I did, and banged on a bit, but no headway.

    Got through three bottles on Friday, Cheers!!!

  26. I don’t think WH gives a sod about the malvinas – as so many say on here – just my opinion

  27. @Tony Montana,

    Come home to Conservatives. (or to Conservative Home).

  28. @ AMBER

    Vince Cable being side lined already, & they aren’t even out the gate?!!

    Amber, remember it’s a CON-WHIG coalition. We are back in 19th century.

  29. “GO’s appointment will be announced tonight “to reassure the markets”.


    …Oh sorry, they were serious?

    yeah i think there happy at the thought of no more gold been sold for diddly squat

  30. Ken
    W|hen The Sky guy Adam squared up to Campbell I thought he might expire on the spot. He needs to lose 5 stone -fast.

  31. Seeing Gordon leaving Downing St., put me in mind of the way I felt in 1966 when we won the World Cup, elation beyond measure, I won’t sleep tonight thinking of his one last desperate populist act, bringing on the kids, you couldn’t make it up ! :-)

  32. @ Tony

    We need to seize the day… I really believe this is an opportunity to get rid of past policy mistakes; I will be working hard for a truly open, honest & principled party.

    Yes, we will have to face tough issues & not everybody will like everything we do – but I do believe there is a real future for the Labour Party now.

  33. officially paid up member now ;-)
    just who do i vote 4 now as leader????
    (do i get a vote?)

  34. @ Ken

    Sorry, but that’s low…

  35. Blimey everyone, I’m touched!! AC says everyone joining there too. Sob.

  36. Parag, me ttoo, but from what I remember no, think you have to be a member for a year or two>

  37. @ Bullman

    Probably delighted at the idea of having a twit they can manipulate like putty as well ;)

  38. I’m trying to be sage-like.

    It seems to me (contrary to what everyone seems to think) that GO has a golden future. We’ve had the bust -now the boom.

  39. Parag, me too, but from what I remember no, think you have to be a member for a year or two>

  40. @billy
    sorry to inform you big guy but gordon left

  41. I’ve just rejoined too. Yeah!
    :) :)
    Not sure how Anthony will feel about his site being used as a recruiting ground for Labour though.

  42. @ EPOCHERY

    :-) Welcome home :-)

    This is our chance to put down roots again. Everybody knows that Labour put up a good performance in the election thanks to it’s foot soldiers & [extra-]ordinary members.

  43. To quote Disraeli : “A sound Conservative government I understand: Tory men and Whig measures”

  44. @Billy…………For years he plotted, briefed and schemed against anyone who got in his way, including Tony, I don’t understand why anyone would miss a person like him……….and bringing on the kids, well !

  45. @Richard O,

    I love William Hague!

    I expect the Tories have had to give way on quite a few policy areas. I wouldn’t be too upset by that though – I think it was always going to be inevitable. :-)

    I wonder if the electoral boundary changes will still go ahead?

  46. @ Bullman

    *smacks forehead* Silly me. Thinking GO stands for Gordon Brown.

  47. Fox for Defence. How I hate this man – it’s gratuitously personal -why do we develop these feelings?

  48. @ Ken

    It’s more my objection to the fact that this is the one time his kids have been seen with Brown in front of the media, and they had to be there so they could get to the car to drive home.

    Compare this to the way that, say, Tony Blair and David Cameron have deployed their children over the years.

  49. Roger Mexico – Brilliant quote

  50. I rejoined Labour on May 7th.

    It’s good to know I am not the only one. It feels so good to be back!

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