YouGov’s poll for the Sun this morning asked people their preference on the coalition deal. 20% wanted the Conservatives to govern as a minority, 33% wanted a pact or coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats (giving a total of 53% wanting a Conservative led government), 39% of respondents backed the Labour, Lib Dem, SNP, etc rainbow coalition.

YouGov also asked whether people would prefer FPTP or a proportional system. 38% backed FPTP, 47% proportional representation – this was a repeat of a question YouGov asked a week or so before the general election, and there has not been any significant change in opinion.

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  1. Not just Kelly, But Clare Short and the late, but great, Robin Cook. Who is like him in today’s Labour party? No one.

  2. @ KEN

    There are no songs for the Tories, you don’t get a 1997 moment… you need a huge majority before you get that ;-)

  3. @Pam F and Julian

    We would be happy to have you ;)

  4. @Pam F @Julian Gilbert

    I considered joining Labour in the early 80s but will definately do so now ;-)

  5. @ Gary K
    “One question:

    What happens if a major vote on a European Issue arises for example?

    Will The Lib Dems vote against their coalition partners, causing a lost vote, or will they simply abstain in a cowardly fashion? Will they agree in such circumstances to no bring a vote of no confidence?”

    I suspect any major EU issue would be brought to referendum, something both Blue and Yellow could live with.

  6. @Parag,

    Welcome also.

    all three of you can join tonight. You can complete your application online.

  7. @Eoin,

    “That goes for Neil A, Matt, Richard O, Roland, Colin, Trevorsden, Bill Roy, and whoever else I may have forgot.

    Tonight and beyond is your turn. :) :) :)”

    Thanks mate. :)

  8. Parag Leicester
    @Richard O
    It is sad that people can rejoice over cuts that will really affect vulnerable people in our society
    not rejoicing, its just reality. my girlfriend is training to be a teaching assistant and qualifies next year, so I am actually quite nervous on that count.
    I just personally believe the debt is a bigger long term threat, thats all.

  9. @JOHN TT
    Sorry, I didn’t make it clear my post was supposed to be critical of Sherwick, not you. :)

  10. @Pam F, Julian, Parag

    h ttp://

    That is the link to join the Labour party. If they memebrship fee is a problem join as a student it is only £1.

  11. I re joined Labour two days ago.

  12. @Amber…………….With our new found friends we’ve got a huge majority. Ta……… :-)

    @Éoin………Thanks….we’re in Casino Sq., might have a flutter while my luck’s in. :-)

  13. Just watched the GB speech.

    One thing that struck me, is that suddenly he looked really old and grey?

    anybody else notice this? maybe the stress of the last few days???

  14. @Valerie

    You said “…@Martyn – Well said. I think History will burnish Gordon’s reputation…”

    Thank you, Valerie.

  15. Alisatair Cambell tweets: Gone to pub with wonderful LP staff. Already recruited 3 Libs to party.

  16. Pam F
    Alisatair Cambell tweets: Gone to pub with wonderful LP staff. Already recruited 3 Libs to party.
    Campbell needs to recruit at least 300,000 members to make up for those he has put off the Labour party for life.

    sorry, couldn’t resist!

  17. Ken I made pleasant good wishes for your trip to MC but it got moderated. Very envious.

  18. Just tried to rejoin Labour: On their web page:
    A record number of people are currently trying to join! Please try again in 5 minutes.

  19. I’m currently tempted to join the Lib Dems. They’ve shown they can think rationally rather than be bound by petty tribalism and make the best of a poor situation. That coupled with a few positions I care about that they are best on make it very attractive.

  20. Comment on twitter:

    “5 Minutes as Prime Minister and he’s already pi*sed off the entire country by delaying Eastenders, good one David.”

  21. @EOIN
    Just tried to join online and there was a message
    ‘A record number of people are currently trying to join! Please try again in 5 minutes.’
    Interesting eh?

  22. I’m getting no sense of a new dawn; rather a dull, slow fading of the light…

    Have fun in Monaco Ken – I thought the Tories would only rush to leave the country if Labour got in ;-)

  23. Owain

    h ttp://

  24. Well when all is said and done there has been a significant merging of policy and jettisoning of embaressments.

    I’m not sure at all that this is going to fly, but I heard Simon Hughes say it was probable.

    Scottish Liberals? West Country Liberals and the B Gs. Plan A looks as though it will pass.

    Ok I am putting my money on Jon Cruddas for next leader. I can see a lot of the field splitting each others voyes it will take another Granita to stop him. One bro taking on another in the same field as Balls.

  25. @ Nick, Pam, Julian & Éoin

    Most grassroots Labourites have big hearts & open arms… Welcome home :-)

    We are also the 8-) team too. ;-)

  26. @Amber…………. I just replied with a friendly comment, and got moderated, anyway, I hope you are well, in spite of the result. :-)

    @Éoin…………Thanks, looking forward to a good race for Brits……… :-)

  27. *eyes narrow*

    It’s a trap!

  28. The only people who watch eastenders are Labour supporters anyway, so I don’t suppose he’s all that bothered.

  29. @PAM F

  30. Niece simply reporting 18 texts s they come in. “It’s not fair I pay my TV licence to watch Pat and Peggy not DC” lol

  31. @Amber,

    this is the best result for you. your getting the goodwill.

    The Mandelson rainbow alliance would have been disastrous at the polls.


  32. An interesting reflection on the tribal nature of voters that rather than using their brains and waiting to see what happens they leave the LibDems straightaway.

  33. @ Richard O

    I am not a student but have been a member of the LD’s for years & am proud of our party.

    I cherish liberalism & freedom, something the Tories have a terrible record on, re GCHQ.

    Gladstone would turn in his grave

  34. I’ve been thinking of rejoining Labour over the last couple of weeks.

    after seeing DC now in number 10 I have decided that I will. Seems to be quite popular at the moment though. I tried to register and the website froze! Will try again though :-)

  35. Ken
    I was in Casino square in the 70s when you could stand next to the barrier on the inside of the corner and get a drink from the cafe (right crowd and no crowding style)

  36. President Obama has spoken to Mr Cameron – the first foreign leader to do so since he entered Downing Street

    Good on ya President Obama. And good luck in thoroughly defeating the tiny-brained Republicans too!

  37. @ Parag

    And to you:

    If you choose to join, Welcome home :-)

  38. @Steve,

    it’s people leaving and cancelling their membership. ;-)


  39. @Kyle Downing

    Thank you for your counterfactuals: I don’t know if they bear scrutiny, but that’s not what their designed for and I do enjoy reading them. Will work up some of my own.

  40. I wonder what the bookies will give an a Labour landslide at the next election??

  41. @Howard……….Thanks, I just got demoderated, so I think it could be on auto for a rogue word. :-)

    @Woodsman………….By the time I get back there won’t be any Tories left, everyone seems to be joining Old Labour, don’tcha just luv it ! :-)

  42. @ Nick
    “I cherish liberalism & freedom, something the Tories have a terrible record on, re GCHQ.”

    So surely it’s a good thing that they’re relying in Lib Dems, their extremist wing will be neutralised and liberalism and freedom should be safeguarded.

  43. @Mark,

    “I am not a student but have been a member of the LD’s for years & am proud of our party.

    I cherish liberalism & freedom, something the Tories have a terrible record on, re GCHQ.

    Gladstone would turn in his grave”

    I don’t think the Tories are the Libs’ natural choice, true. As a blue (of sorts), I don’t like many of the libs’ policies either. But we have come together to form a long-term government, and we have sufficient numbers, and a formal agreement, to last a full term. We need to work together for the good of the UK as a whole, and party policy differences need not divide us. ;-)

  44. Funny my labour membership lapsed last year and i never got around to renewing. Now I cant. I think labour supporters like labour being in opposition.

  45. Er I meant @Mark there

  46. From ConservativeHome

    Appointments to the Cameron-Clegg Cabinet

    The first coalition government since 1945. All unconfirmed but originating from good sources:
    Chancellor of the Exchequer: George Osborne

    Chief Secretary to the Treasury: Vince Cable

    Foreign Secretary: William Hague.

    Health Secretary: Andrew Lansley.

    Schools Secretary: David Laws (not Michael Gove).

  47. @Kyle Downing
    Excellent piece of Alternate Reality, it made me smile on a rather sad day.
    Thank God Sarah Palin is not President of the US after a 2000-2008 Al Gore Presidency!

  48. @ KEN

    Loved your reply LOL – you’ll have fun in Monaco. I watched Eddie Irvine do well there a few years ago. It was a terrific experience :-)

  49. George Osborne as chancellor? firs big mistake? could have lived with KC and VC

  50. @KEN
    It was probably the combination of ‘flutter’ and ‘luck’ in the same sentence which put you into moderation.

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