Election night

I will be working on the BBC’s election coverage tonight (behind the scenes, so no need to look out for me), so won’t be updating the site. I’ll be closing the comments when I head up to the studio in a couple of hours, discussion will be over on the backup site at http://ukpollingreport.wordpress.com. I’ll update when the TV coverage finally draws to an end about 5pm tomorrow. I’ll probably have a sleep first :)

Best of luck to all readers who are standing or working on campaigns. Have fun watching the results those who aren’t.

20 Responses to “Election night”

  1. Aw, I was hoping you would appear. But to actually glimpse Anothony Wells…that would be like seeing the messiah. I couldn’t handle it…

  2. Enjoy yourself Anthony

  3. You probably won’t even glimpse me – my desk is hidden away behind Peter and Emily’s constituency map.

  4. Just to add my thanks to many others for running this site. It’s nice to know there are other nerds out there!

  5. Yes and a genuine thank you this time from a contributor – for me – back to telephone knock ups of these (opined) lazy students.

  6. Thanks a lot for updating this blog, I’ve found it very interesting and useful.

  7. Howard:

    “and now for an anecdote. I told from 7-00 am to 9-00 am one morning ……..”

    Blimey! Did people not sneak off or pretend they were having a heart-attack?

  8. It’s a shame the BBC have dropped the famous King Arthur theme music.

  9. Enjoy tonight Anthony, you’ve played a major role in ensuring that we all do, thanks again :)

  10. Anthony,

    Please ensure we do not have a Faux News moment when they are calling Durham, Dumfries or Derby North won’t you?

    :) :) :)

  11. Good luck tonight, Anthony, and thanks for all you’ve done in running this site over the last however long it’s been:)

  12. My thanks too Anthony –
    Enjoy it!!

  13. I would just like to thanks Anthony for this site. Although we may have digressed and had interesting debates, discusssions its a real pleasure to talk to inteeligent people. Wishing everone who has posted on here all the best whatever colour you support. We all want one thing A better country. Tonight is going to be history in the making

  14. Just also to say my visits to this blog over the last three weeks or so discovered by websearching has heightened my interest. And I join with others to say thank you for the polite and intelligent manner with which the site is managed. Enjoy your election night behind the scenes at the BBC, Anthony and I look forward to future elections if you continue your blog. Hope everyone enjoys their election evening/night!

    Pete, a “disenfranchised” ex-pat In France

  15. Really looking forward to tonight and then the post election debate/discussion on here.
    This site has become part of my daily routine.
    Sad or what!
    All credit to you Anthony :-)

  16. Just like to add my thanks as well, it has been much appreciated…..

  17. Good luck one and all

    Whatever the outcome,
    Tomorrow the sun will still rise,
    The birds will sing
    And there will still be earth to till

    Thanks be to Anthony ;-)

  18. Thanks for the site, it’s been most informative. :)

  19. Wanted to add my thanks Anthony. No other site anything like it. Time and again I checked back to get your take on things – and other people’s. Other media coverage of the polling has been the usual lazy, sloppy rubbish.

    As a fervent advocate of a balanced parliament, it has been reassuring to me to find how little evidence there has been for any other result. Could still be disappointed of course – I’ve seen too many elections not to be wary – but if I hadn’t found this site I wouldn’t have been aware just how close the race has been.

  20. Right – I’m off to the studio, discussion on the backup site.