Sky have published the results of today’s ComRes poll for ITV and the Indy. The topline figures with changes from yesterday are CON 37%(nc), LAB 29%(nc), LDEM 26%(nc) – so no difference at all. There is clearly no sign of a Lib Dem collapse here, although ComRes were showing lower levels of Lib Dem support anyway. The fieldwork was conducted on Sunday and Monday, so if there has been some sort of drop in Lib Dem support over the last 24 hours it wouldn’t have picked it up anyway.

NB – For obvious reasons tomorrow will be very busy day here, so please bookmark the backup site, where all posts will be mirrored, now in case the site goes down tomorrow.

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  1. Andrew – I was and still am an ENORMOUS fan of Paddy. I’d have him in my fantasy cabinet like a shot

  2. @Sue

    That is a very good poll for reds. Opinium consistently gave blues a very high score. For them to have reds on 27% gives reds a great chance of a 31%/32% with one of the others……….

  3. Xiby,

    I can’t find that last regional pol in teh YouGov archive either, although the others are there…


  4. I thought the same myself Eoin. When they said opinium was coming I was sitting there muttering “not ten points, not ten points” lol

    Some very, very, heart-warming stories have come my way today. I hope everyone remembers that the people REALLY fighting this election are unpaid and unrecognised. They give their time and energy with the only goal a better society because they believe in the power of democracy to change things.

    They often make enormous personal and financial sacrifice.

    I hope, whatever the outcome tomorrow, there will be no posts on here rubbing salt into wounds or gloating. Thousands of people (many on here) have given months of their time and will. It would be like kicking puppies.

  5. Hi Sue,

    What, no early morning leaflets?

    Don’t know if you ever met Paddy but he is pretty impressive in the flesh (suspect they all are, actually – you need a bit of personal presence to get to lead a party)

    I sometimes wonder what might have happened but for the “Pantsdown” episode.

    As for Clegg, I think he needs to work on developing substance to go with the style. Shouldn’t be a problem since judging by his cv he is a pretty smart cookie (although a bit ambitious for a Lib Dem – doesn’t seem natural somehow!)


  6. Andrew – I’m on rosette duty all day!!

    I never thought I’d say this but Sky is now my news channel of choice. Very good, fair summing up I think tonight.

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