There is an Opinium poll in tomorrow’s express which has topline figures of CON 33%(-1), LAB 28%(+3), LDEM 27%(-1), with changes from last week. I don’t have figures for others, but presumably they are around 12%. Labour are up by three points, bringing Opinium into line with the sort of figures ICM and YouGov have been showing.

There is also a second poll from the Indian company, RNB Research, who produced a lone GB voting intention poll earlier this year. Their topline figures now are CON 37%, LAB 28%, LDEM 26%. I have scant information on how the poll was done, beyond it being a telephone poll, weighted to GB demographics – the topline figures seem broadly sensible, but without full tables or methodological details, there’s little more I can say.

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  1. @ Yakobs and Tony Fisher

    I tend to agree with Tony. YouGov do seem to be very consistent, and I have felt all through this campaign that they have offered a “gold standard” against which the others, including reputables, have bounced around. Yakobs, you make the very valid point that YouGov’s daily polling helps them get “the vote” – well yes, exactly, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? We might respect the other reputables – but they do bounce around the gold standard a bit!

  2. @UK John

    And have you seen the news today? Have you seen the crowds that turn up for Clegg?! It’s scary!


    That was the 2,500 turnout for the UK Citizens Assembly spoken at by all the leaders this afternoon.

  3. @dave k – they all went to that – i’m talking about when he turned up at little towns, villages and boroughs! Certainly twice as many people as seem to be around the other two leaders when they are talking somewhere!

  4. I believe Tories will have the most number of seats ,hopefully an overall majority.
    Icing on the cake Ed Balls may loose his seat -even his brother totally disagrees with him .

  5. @UK_John

    LD leaders always get more attention, it is probably the novelty value, plus they offend fewer than the partisan leaders of Left and Right, and thus attract greater interest. I remember Alliance rallies being very well attended indeed when I worked for them in the 80s – but, it didn’t always turn into support. Goodwill is not enough………

  6. @Tony Dean

    “LD leaders always get more attention”

    With the exception of this weird election, you have to be joking, right?!

  7. Latest poll says others 12% – WOW so – rephrase my question with more importance. “What does the 10% now 12% “others” cascade into seats and where? Are there seats where the others could go and make up enough for either Main Party to form a Government in coalition without either of the other main parties. This is something that we should all know before election day PLEASE – most of us are so confused by all three leaders saying they will win outright – so come on papers – tell us which constituencies could tactically vote to change our future from the main party X Factor gameshow farce.

  8. LD support always goes up slightly during election campaigns because thats the ONLY time their leaders or the party in general gets any attention at all

    From 13 to 17% in 97
    From 16 to 18% in 2001
    From 18 to 22% in 2005
    From 19% to 27-28% this time

    This election is unusual in the timing and the extent of the change, usually its a steady climb during the campaign, this time it happened all at once followed by a slight slide

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