YouGov’s daily polling tonight has topline figures of CON 34%(nc), LAB 28%(+1), LDEM 28%(nc). Obviously there is no significant change since yesterday. YouGov’s polls this week have been pretty static, Conservatives at 33-34%, Labour at 27-29%, the Lib Dems mostly around 28-29% aside from that one spike to 31%. Neither the Mrs Duffy affair nor the second debate seem to have had any great effect.

It looks like YouGov are entering the final week of the campaign showing a broad position of the Conservatives around about 34%, and Labour and the Lib Dems neck and neck in the high twenties.

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  1. Sue Marsh
    Re BBC
    There is more subliminal messaging by the BBC News website with a picture of the 3 leaders.
    Full side faced pictures of Cameron and Clegg looking directly at each other, through Brown who appears in the background.

    They have been doing this sort of stuff for the whole campaign.

  2. @Paul Bristol & Sue Marsh

    I have been appalled this campaign by both the TV media and the press. In the case of the latter they have always been partisan, one accepts this, but they have really excelled this time in disinformation and smears. What use is a free press if it uses its freedom to misinform for its own proprietors’ ends? As for the TV media – quite shocking. The subliminal messages, and outrageous spinning in their personally prefered directions by numerous reporters has been appalling – this is not partisan as it applies to left, centre and right. The whole campaign has been debased by deliberate spinning, sometimes I would guess by those who think they are clever and can get away with it under the casual, lazy eyes of the programme controllers who are supposed to ensure neutrality and balance. I guess we might have ended up with a level playing field given the different slants – but more by luck than judgement. All-in-all an ugly debased version of an open democracy! Do others agree?

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  5. I complained to Sky News about the misleading claim that News of the World was showing a Tory maj (which BTW it does not). I see that they have since taken it down. Worth complaining about to Ofcom if anyone feels the same..

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