Post debate polls

YouGov and Angus Reid are both calling the third debate for Cameron. YouGov have figures of Cameron 41%, Brown 25%, Clegg 32%.

Angus Reid’s live figures so far, are showing Cameron the victor of the third debate – Cameron 36%, Brown 22%, Clegg 31%.

UPDATE: ComRes also have Cameron winning but with a narrower margin – Cameron 35%, Clegg 33%, Brown 26%.

Angus Reid are now at Cameron 37%, Clegg 30%, Brown 23% – I’m not sure if that’s their final figures yet. Populus are calling it as a draw between Cameron and Clegg – figures are Cameron 38%, Clegg 38%, Brown 25%.

UPDATE3: ICM’s instant poll is also out now. Another Cameron victory, but this time Gordon Brown is second – figures are Cameron 35%, Brown 29%, Clegg 27%.

Angus Reid have closed their poll – final figures are Cameron 36%, Clegg 30%, Brown 23%

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  1. @ Norfolk Blogger.
    I am pretty much with you on the likely vote outcome (though I’m tiring of opinion polls – far too many). I predicted LD finishing on a min of 28% after debate no 2 and see no reason to change that. The fact that, according to Angus Reid, undecided voters swung his way on the 3rd debate supports that. 3rd debate a bit repetitive and not sure it taught us much we didn’t know already.

    Cameron clearly had a game plan for the last 2 debates after his stumbling performance in his first one. But I don’t think he was a good as the press made him out to be.

    Clegg did ok. Missed out on some simple wins in the debating points but wasn’t overawed by Brown?Cameron. It’s a genuine 3 horse race.

    I think Labour will “tank” in this election. Maybe not in votes cast (26% – 28%) but they will suffer frim differential swings.

    Tories to be largest party. May scrape an overall majority though they will need to eat into more Lab seats as I think LDs will hold most of their Con/LD marginals and pick up a few Tory seats and possible leapfrog them to take the odd Lab one from 3rd place.

    Finally, I am worried that the idealogues in the Tory party will come out of the closet some time after this election. I don’t buy the Big Society as anything other an attempt to roll back the welfare state. All the talk about personal responsibility and “supporting people who do the right thing” is code for a right wing, individualistic agenda. You have been warned.

  2. “the NI tax increase being repealed is only the employers part of the tax, not on the individuals part”

    1. The Tories don’t even state what their cap is: ‘The limit would change each year to take into account the wider effects of immigration on society’.

    2. Cameron described it as a tax on all workers. The fact is that the NI increase applies only to salaries of £20,000 pa and above. The Dragon’s Den member, James Kaan(?), pointed out on Newsnight that even then it would only amount to £15 pm and that he couldn’t imagine any employer not offering a job because of it.

  3. Why is my last blog awaiting moderation?

    Under the Tory plans c70% of employees would avoid Labour’s NHI increase. Cameron yesterday accurately confirmed that the immigration cap would relate to non EEC immigrants and explained how the Tories would slow-down immigration from new countries joining the EEC. All this is set out in the Tory Manifesto.

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