I am away from a computer tonight, so feel free to use this thread to discuss the YouGov poll later – and possibly the debate polling (depending on if the site copes by itself with the surge of traffic when the debate finishes!)

I take that back – the Sun have already released tonight’s YouGov poll. The topline figures are CON 34%(nc), LAB 27%(nc), LDEM 28%(-3). No obvious effect from the Mrs Duffy affair (much as the “does it make you more or less likely to vote” question suggested for once!). The Lib Dems are down, but I expect that’s just random variation – yesterday’s 31% was a bit higher than YouGov had been showing lately anyway.

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  1. For anyone who didn’t see it, although it’s very subjective of course, from where I’m sitting Nick Clegg did brilliantly. Brown did better than in either of the previous two debates, even well. Cameron had his moments but was totally eclipsed by some really fantastic stuff from Clegg. This was the old confident Clegg from the first debate. Great clap clap clap…. whatever you think of his politics you have to admire the sheer technique.

  2. Clegg average often struggled
    Brown poor as usual, negative summary just attacking the others and spent the rest of the time quoting statistics.
    Cameron – prim ministerial.
    Forecast Cameron 36; Clegg 32; Brown 26

  3. The press is biased, the audience poll is biased, and this site is now obviously biased.
    The electorate will think for themselves I hope.

  4. Clegg and Brown both did pretty well overall. Cameron was better than the first debate in style but was unable to answer some difficult questions.

  5. Tonights debate

    DC 28
    GB 31
    NC 32

    DC fairly poor throughout – not specific failed to respond to Qs

    GB strong throughout except for final statement

    NC strong except for 1 Q but very good on final Q and closing statement

  6. How does anyone think NC = credible? He makes Blair look sincere. Mind you I don’t understand X Factor.

    GB won this though no-one will say it, and it hurts me to concede it. This should’ve been DC’s knock out blow and to look like a leader, but he’s failed to take it. Hague would’ve murdered them.

  7. Loser was the BBC – mostly poor questions !

  8. I listened on steam radio, because either my television’s on the blink or all three of them had been made up by a blind mortician and I couldn’t bare that or the awful echo in the hall any longer.

    So my unsighted order as a non-voter is:

    Clegg 50%, Brown 30%, Cameron 20%

    Both Cameron (especially) and Brown said “I” rather than “we” too much, doesn’t sound good.

  9. 1st DC
    2nd NC
    3rd GB

  10. Was GB after the West Midlands vote early on in the debate or what ?

    And does anyone else think that private polling must have told Labour that child tax credits are very important ?

  11. @ Pam F

    I know how you feel! But I’d rather be right than popular!

  12. I’m astonished DC won that over Clegg. in the instant polls Astonished. For me, Clegg was head and shoulders above the other two. And I gave DC the second debate, so it’s not partisanship.

  13. YouGov and ComRes show DC the winner with NC then GB

  14. I think Brown DID win on a purely debating basis – but if Frank Bruno came and told me what seems a wonderful strategy to beat Mike Tyson, I’d look at his record and wonder why he never did it already. What are you waiting for, man? You’re REALY REALLY gonna do it this time, huh?

    David Cameron – I can’t believe in him, and he seemed weak, but he doesn’t have the bad record to go with it yet.

    Nick Clegg – I find him the most trustable and runaway inequality is THE biggest issue to me, but he never shone either.

    Er, dunno who won then.. not Cameron.

  15. DC was more calm and handled it better. More statesmanlike….GB was easily second and NC was as bad and weak as last week.

    GB’s closing statement was a DISASTER !!

  16. YG – DC wins 41% of poll

    I just don’t believe it – what Q was the Sun asking. He was better than first debate but poorer than second.
    Brown last in poll – again unbelievable

  17. @peterbell

    Quite believable. Brown can make any promise he likes, but after 13 years he is unbelievable. The public just dont trust him. I’m no Cameron fan – I will be voting English Democrat, they might just cause an upset here in Doncaster. We already have an ED mayor.

  18. Well GB and labour are trustable on the basis of experinces and pleges they make, it is worthmentioning that not a single penny of common man was threatened while he assured banking bailout in global credit crunch it was the crunch which was all over the world and i appreciate that,
    DC is a good critic and i think his sbest role would be to take a role of opposition leader and point out the mistakes till next term to get more experience before he take over the plane as a captain. ….NC ideas are fascinating but probably at this stage i believe we have to consider the continuation of existing system with modifications and try to bring improvements both interms of Torries and Lib Dems we probably are going to expose our nation to the new experiences in this critical time

  19. I assumed that it would be the most interessting political event of the day.

    I was wrong.

    You can see it here:


  20. There is so much bias now in the media, I wonder about UK democracy. After the diatribe against NC, I think the newspaper media decided to go after the LD’s with the polls and how they report them.

  21. I’ve seen plenty of people saying NC top and DC not very effective. So who is voting in the polls? And who is being polled?

    Agree UK_JOHN wholeheartedly – bias in the media. Sky news show only certin polls continusously on screen – and they do seem to pick ones where LibDems are exceptionally low. I think there should be some questioning of how they select the polls to include in their averages – there is one on there that is many days old.

    And of course, many parties are having to complete with a wealthy Toriy party. As for the influence of an apparently Tory-slanted press, It’s like trying to win the Rugby World Cup in Australia with a questionable referee and unfair decisions!

  22. I don’t understand people who think Brown did well in this debate. Yes, he sounded good but all he did was to frighten people about the inexperience of the other leaders and to grind on about how he thinks civil servants know something about business (eg harping on about the Regional Development agencies – by the way ‘Agency’ in NewLab speak really means cushy empire-building). Brown does not understand that government is not the answer to everything (in fact, hardly the answer to anything).

    So I am all for DC’s Big Society and small government – in fact, the less government we have, the better for us all: I mean in terms of meaningless PC
    departments, not frontline services.

    All Brown’s administration has done is to waste billions of taxpayers’ money with SOME improvements in education and a little in health, the cost to these services being the requirement to kowtow to centralised control.

    Nick Clegg is a remarkable young man with a superb CV (look it up) and one day might make an excellent PM if he gets the chance – and get it he should.

    Here is my final comment – if the LibDems poll far more votes but far fewer seats than Labour in the General Election, then either Voting Reform must be implemented during the next session of parliament or there should be a revolution.

    Oh – and scores for last night: DC 7/10; NC 6/10; GB 5/10

  23. BIG NEWS!!!! The Guardian Newspaper have decided to support the Liberal Democrats in the General Election!

    Less surprising the Sunday Times and Telegraph (hello Mr. Murdoch!) have gone for the Conservatives.

  24. I thought GB did quite well and i will be voting Labour!

  25. I think David Cameron and Nick Clegg came over as very smooth, with polished performances, but Gordon Brown came over as the most sincere

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