There is a new(ish) Angus Reid poll in the Economist here. Topline figures are CON 33%(+1), LAB 23%(nc), LDEM 30%(-3). Fieldwork was conducted over last weekend, Friday to Monday, so it’s slightly out of date now. As usual with Angus Reid, it shows a far lower Labour score than other companies, and is still showing a comparatively high figure for others.

Interestingly they have prompted people with a mock up ballot paper of the candidates standing in their constituency, a method MORI always used to use after nominations have closed (I’m not sure if they still can now they have switched to phone polling) – while it’s interesting, according to the Economist it didn’t actually make any difference to the results.

7 Responses to “Angus Reid/Economist – 33/23/30”

  1. Perhaps Mrs Duffy was concerned about all these polls… there are rather a lot of them

  2. Is flock the collective noun for polls?? (or do I mean Poles??)

  3. 23 looks like a low figure for Lab but it is the same as last times Angus Reid so I’m going to take it as a “no change”. The Lib Dem’s 30 (-3) is about the same as YouGov as was their previous score of 33 so that fits in with previous data. The Con score of 33 is also much of amuchness. Another No Change Here poll gives us confidence that nothing much has changed.

  4. Badoom-tish! :D

  5. The collective noun for polls is ‘a confusion’

  6. @Andrew McCaig

    “Is flock the collective noun for polls??”

    It is this week. Will Cameron or Clegg get the word “flocking” in tonight’s debate somewhere? If they could make it sound accidental too that would be funny.

  7. I doubt any of the 3 leaders will be making jokes tonight. The worm-o-meter suggested nervous giggling by the audience, rather than appreciative laughter.

    Besides, voters are taking the economy very seriously & they’ll expect the candidates to lay off the funnies.

    I on the other hand am enjoying the humour on this & the previous thread ;-)