YouGov’s daily poll is out – the first since the second debate – and it seems to have had virtually no effect. Topline figures with changes since yesterday are CON 34%(nc), LAB 29%(nc), LDEM 29%(+1). No significant change since yesterday, and certainly not the sort of massive bounce we saw from the first debate (and realistically, I wouldn’t expect one. The polling last night showed there was no runaway winner of the second debate in the way Nick Clegg won the first, and the effect of Nick Clegg being on the same platform and being given the same stature as the other two leaders was always a ‘one shot’ effect).

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  1. YouGov do seem to be several times more prolific than other pollsters.. Don’t these people have homes to go to? How large is their sample, and is it the same sample every day?

    Oh and do people who create ‘poll of polls’ weight against YouGov for producing dso many? (And on anothe rmatter, do they weight in favour of more recently polls?)

  2. I think this poll just about convinces me that indeed that come May 7th it will be Hung Parliament with Labour being the largest party and a Lib-Lab Coalition!

  3. For UKPR’s daily average ‘if a single company has more than one poll in the time period, the second is given a weighting of 0.76, the third 0.52, the fourth 0.27 and so on.’ Not sure about the other ‘polls of polls’ but that’s one of the many reasons I prefer this one.

  4. In fact looking at the methodology will answer your other qn too.

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