YouGov’s instant poll has David Cameron as the narrow winner of the second debate, the full figures are Cameron 36%, Clegg 32%, Brown 29%.

The latest figures from Angus Reid have Clegg narrowly ahead – Clegg 35%, Cameron 33%, Brown 23% – but they will continue collecting data overnight.

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  1. Did Cameron change the Tories plans to charge pensioners prescription charges and charges for eyesight tests?

    When challenged he did not answer and then when asked again his language appeared to indicate a change to his plans, rather than just words of clarity.

    Perhaps it was just that the Tories manifesto had missed this out.

  2. For me Brown easy, Clegg 2nd, Cameron a poor third.

    For Mrs Scotleag toss-up between Brown & Clegg but Cameron trailing.

    For the record we both thought last week’s was too close to call between the three of them and can’t understand the verdict then or the reaction afterwards.

  3. Clegg was pretty average today – not sure there is much going on there other than we are different to the old style politics……worked once but not again. The key policies they seem to have are poor – limiting immigration to sections of the country is quite simply nonsense……and it came across as such. My three were Cameron, Brown and Clegg.

  4. I would give Tories a piece of advice but they will ignore I know.

    THe last thing tactically you want to do, is win the second debate. It is the worse debate of all to win.

    1 is good you get your surge! Makes you feel all warm

    2 is bad you get a stone of weight on your shoulder! MAkes you feel burdened

    3 is best it lines the road to polling dat with gold bricks…

    But then Michael Gove and Georgie boy are doing their thing.

  5. Am I living in a parallel universe? On my version of the debate, Cameron looked and sounded flabby whilst Brown was surprisingly solid and coherent. Clegg seemed the heir to Blair but without making it quite so obvious that it is an act. In my universe, Cameron was a poor third with Clegg and Brown pretty much level.

  6. Politically, you do not judge victory by the three scores you are given.

    Judge it by how the people expected them to do.

    And we do have polling evidence to compare it to.

    45% thought Cameron would win (in advance)
    11% thought Brown would win (in advance)

    So really, what you are doing is not measuring outright victory. Instead you measure against expectations.

    For the 60million that we cal the UK, Cameron did win.

    But who exceeded expectations the most… then we have only one answer.

  7. I expect to see the labour leaflets headlining the tory papers tomorrow, again smear dominating where policy should be. This is an own goal for Brown who I thought did very well. Nick Clegg for me was plain rude talking over the top of DC and GB. Cameron for me was steady without being brilliant but he needs to put beef to his policyotherwise he sounds wishy wasy. I for one gave it even between the three.

  8. I just have to say I think labour would be much higher up were it not for the fact of tactical voting. Myself and everyone i know is voting Lib Dems although bieng labour supporters, are voting lib dem just to keep the torys out. so that is why i think that labour are so far down.

  9. So Clegg narrowly won 2 polls and Cameron narrowly won 1 poll – overall seemed to be more of a draw for all three this week (so all parties can spin) – Who do the bookies pay out as the winner in this scenario?

  10. From ConHome comments

    “i got bored by 8.30 and watched the simpsons.”

    Helps those who are unaware of policies but NC lost from being more like the other 2 this time round.

    Focus turning to economy and modernising politics as central issues as election day nears.

  11. Brown jumped by 10 points in both ComRes and YouGov polls. Not that it really matters. Except for the spin that will be put on it.

  12. EPOCHERY..

    “I expect to see the labour leaflets headlining the tory papers tomorrow, again smear dominating where policy should be. ”

    It’s not smear, it’s the truth apparantly. And a lie….?

  13. @Eoin

    Disagree with you on this thread too!

    (Every time I post a message, two new threads have appeared. It’s getting tough to keep up!)

  14. Does Clegg get the “plague on both your houses” position on the left back next time – bet Cameron tries to stay there. Gordon evidentally is allowed to stay on the right as we look at it (because of being blind in his left eye).

    I think position on the starting grid is worth 5-10% Clegg looked like a windmill when he was trying to do the “old parties” bit that worked so well first time…

    Bad news for Labour on the Guardian website vote – 61% Clegg, 27% Brown 11% Cameron. This is not a poll by any stretch of the imagination but 80% of activists for both Labour and the Lib Dems probably would go first to the Guardian (like me!)


  15. “Sentiment tracker” (worm) put all 3 +/- equal.

  16. @ American Observer – a quango is a QUasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation. These run things, or talk about things, or regulate things, aren’t elected bodies, and are responsible for spending billions of pounds.

    Check out

  17. I thought NC was as clear a 3rd this week as GB was last week. He was quite weak and looked out of place. How he was placed 1st ahead of either DC or GB I find very strange…..


  19. @Leslie,

    Disagreement is good! Your opinions are equal to mine :) :) :)

  20. Cameron did look like the winner, just about. He was stressing strongly that there were differences between the parties and that the only way to make a real change was to vote Conservative.

    There were two alleged gaffs:
    – Nick Clegg describing some Conservative allies in Europe as “nutters” and “homophobes”. This allegedly included the polish party of the recently deceased president.
    – Gordon Brown said he had not approved a reported campaign leaflet containing claims about what a Conservative government would do. Alec Salmond shortly afterwards produced a copy of it issued from Gordon Brown’s own constituency.

    There was also one other possible gaff that was barely mentioned:
    – David Cameron was apparently unable to explain why if he was in favour of free eye tests this promise had not appeared in the Conservative party manifesto. He almost seemed to be inventing policy in the middle of the debate.

    Whether any of these cause an issue to the respective campaign remains to be seen.

    Brown was much more aggressive, telling Clegg for example to “get real”. Clegg also seems to have dropped his earlier insistence that no Liberal Democrat MPs were involved in the expenses scandal. The overall impression was of a fairly ill tempered punch-up. I suspect that the public will have been turned right off by all that, and frankly a slow slide back down the polls for the Lib Dems wouldn’t be surprising. The odds of the Conservatives being the largest party will very likely have shortened.


    PS A lingering question from the first debate – what are ‘kwangos’ or ‘quangos’ (not sure about the spelling)?

    QANGO stands for Quasi Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation. They’re basically organisations to which the government has given up some roles / responsibilities to, are funded by public money, but are not technically part of the government and therefore supposedly not influenced by government policy.

  22. I think you can define “winning” any way you like. Clegg “wins” because he didnt mess up and is seen on an equal footing, Brown “wins” because we all expected him to get drunk and wander round the stage shouting obscenities, and Cameron “wins” if you like that sort of thing.

  23. Regardless of whether it was 30:30:30 or one leader slightly up will probably depend upon your own personal view of the policies and your own views on the leader. My own view was DC, NC then GB quite a bit behind.

    The one telling impression that I formed was that a hung parliament would be a disaster. It was obvious that GB’s version of a coalition is him firmly in change and keeping his coalition partner informed, but not in the decision makiing process. On the question of a future coalition, GB quoted several bodies involved in looking at various aspects of policy, none had another party leader involved. That is his idea of coalition, you keep me in power, I will make all the policy decisions and govern.

    If ever there was a sign of what bickering and blaming would result from trying to form a coalition or prop up for a minority govt, then this display has just about shot it down. For the sake of our country’s future, please can the 7th May give us a majority govt, no matter what its colour!


    I couldn’t possibly say what is a lie as i havent seen the leaflet but the point is the story is about a leaflet as today was about Nick Clegg handling a donation. On a day where crime figures show a 7% drop and government borrowing reaching £152 billion, I know what I am more interested in.

    Make regulations via statutory instruments which are laid before parliament and can be debated. Although given there are around 3000 made a year it might be a little difficult

  25. Frank G – “keeping his coalition partner informed”- blimey, who won that concession? Blair would have loved some of that :)

  26. They’re not going to imprison immigrants in a city and there’s no need of border patrols between cities either – if they want to go somewhere for a day out or a holiday, they’d be free to do that. Just don’t try and work there, because that’ll be restricted to their specified area. Quite easy really. Are people purposely not getting it?

  27. Tony McHobbs – “Are people not geting it purposely” is a question that must occur to politicians as an occupational hazard.

    The one thing my guiding angels have done for me is keep me out of such a business. I happily delude myself without the inconvenience of regular popular judgements on me and my opinions


  28. I really have no idea where the statistics come from! Anyone who suggests Cameron won this debate was clearly watching something else! Did anyone see the real time like/dislike line on the ITV feed? Doesn’t quite match up with the stats.

    Brown: Clear, and concise on issues, gave very detailed answers and was passionate about his convictions

    Clegg: Not as energetic as last week but didn’t make mistakes was clear about his policies and for what must have been a difficult day, did pretty well. Holding his own up there!!

    Cameron: Was he even at the debate…?? I thought he was very quiet and made no real impact on the night. Whilst again not answering any questions directly.. is that not what these are about?

    Did anyone else notice how SkyNews like to stay focussed on Camerons mug throughout his speeches? Slow zoom and bingo you no longer listen to what he is saying and your thinking… does he use fake tan?

  29. Nuclear arms. Why haven’t all the countries without them been nuked yet if they’re so vulnerable? Maybe they’re waiting specifically to get us.

  30. Mike – see my post above. Why on earth can’t people see?????

    The thing about Cameron’s close-ups (and everyone else’s) is that the camera doesn’t lie, and the bigger the close-up, the more exposed the real person.

    They are all not good enough actors by a country mile to be able to deal with a camera lens.

    Note Clegg’s number of blinks, and horrible timing of his turn to camera.

    Note Brown’s awkwardness in coming to terms with the difference between talking to his live audience (he enjoys that) and the camera (he doesn’t enjoy that)

    And if you can stand it and are determined to entrench your view of Cameron, then watch his close-ups again and see how much his eyes shift focus from the centre of the lens to below the camera.

    I wouldn’t claim for a minute that these “faults” are worth coaching out (I make money out of coaching and urge honesty rather than technical skill).

    I just hope that the final debate sees all participants comfortable with themselves, their lecterns, their audience, their subject matter and their camera angles.

    So that we can decide which argument prevails.

    Not which persona.

    Our judicial system is predicated on the (nowadays preposterous) holy notion that swearing on The Good Book guarantees a substantial degree of honest debate.

    Our modern electoral system is moving in the same direction. Only the equivalent of The Bible is not the history of The Word, but the Spin-Doctors’ Manual.

    Bring back The Greeks is what I say (ironically enough)

  31. Mike posts:

    “Did anyone else notice how SkyNews like to stay focussed on Camerons mug throughout his speeches?”

    So bloody partisan.

    I’m off this site.


  32. Populus have Cameron in the lead

    Nick Clegg was getting annoying everytime he said “David Cameron” and “Gordon Bown” instead of David or Gordon.

    He came over worse than the first time – he stuttered and stammered on the “Pope” subject and looked at the floor. The same with immigration.

    By the time of the third debate – Clegg will be like a boy band that can’t have anymore hits after his one hit wonder.

    If I was theTories I would’nt be worried by Clanger Clegg

  33. People’s opinion of who won a debate is no indication of how they intend to vote. I’d have loved a side-by-side comparison between the two.

  34. In understanding the polls, it is useful to see the exact question that was asked.

    YouGov asked “Leaving aside your own party preference, who do you think performed best in tonight’s debate?”

    Anyone have links to the questions for the other instant polls? Anthony – would be really useful if you could quote the exact question asked when reporting polls like this.

    The phrase “winner” won’t mean “performed best excluding own party preference” to everyone (although it will to some people).

  35. The only thing I agree with Clegg on is Trident and I thought that in the first debate Brown and Cameron didn’t really say much on the subject of

  36. Cameron much more at ease this time, Clegg still good but short on substance, perhaps LibDems lack of depth beginning to tell?

    Can’t see how anyone could think Brown won, best you could say is better than debate 1 but oh still so repetitive with his prepared mantras.

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