All over. We should have similar quick reaction polls from ComRes and YouGov, and live results from Angus Reid. For the last debate there was also a Sky News poll, which I am somewhat dubious about (the panel looks like it was specifically recruited, so was basically open access). I’ll add the results here as they come in.

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  1. Completely unscientific C4 poll has it Clegg, Brown, Cameron. Completely useless but gives us something to talk about while we wait!

  2. I didn’t think there was much between the three but again Brown presented a plan to go forward whereas Cameron ony presented ideas as oposed to real plans. Clegg interupted both far too much for me.

  3. Our final instant polling figures for the Sun show David Cameron has won the second of three leaders’ debates shown tonight on Sky News.

    We asked the following question immediately after the debate:

    Leaving aside your own party preference, who do you think performed best overall in tonight’s debate?

    David Cameron: 36%

    Nick Clegg: 32%

    Gordon Brown: 29%

    Don’t know: 3%

    Fieldwork was conducted between 21.27 and 21.31 on 22nd April; sample size: 1,110 viewers of the debate.

    Personally, I thought Cameron Bombed it.

  4. Yougov:

    Cameron: 36%
    Clegg: 32%
    Brown: 29%

  5. You Gov
    Cam – 36
    Clegg – 32
    Brown – 29

    Not much in it – SKY poll should be ignored, was impossible rate.

  6. YG poll Cameron 36 (+4, I think?) Clegg 32 (-19) Brown 29 (+10)

  7. Clegg 34
    Cameron 33.5
    Brown 32.5

    Brown could have won that but he ruined his chances by all the “me, me, me”

  8. Cameron won comfortably for me. No question. Much better than last week when he didn’t do that badly.

  9. DC won it…for me
    GB second, by a few points
    NC last by a few more….

    JUst MHO

  10. Thought Channel 4 was about right. But if YouGov correct effectively a draw #nickcleggsfault

  11. Need more polls, but agree need to ignore whatever Sky says, as it constantly timed out when I tried to use it.

  12. I thought it all a little disappointing this time. Nobody shone but nobody was a disgrace either. Neglecting smooth performance (I personally just don’t care) each highlighted their own policies and there were difference so viewers have something to choose between. If anything, Clegg lost out in the debate here. The other two took the initiative from him but I’d remind people that we’re not choosing the best debater, we’re choosing a prime minister and it is what he will do rather than how he will shine in PMQs that is ultimately the important thing. Brown made a point of the inheritance tax cuts at the expense of child allowance and child trust funds, for which Cameron had no reply, so on points I’d give divide the scores 35% brown, 33% Cameron and 32% Clegg.

  13. If Yougov result is reflected by others, it’s roughly how I called it – very, very close between all three (actually I thought Brown was marginally the strongest, landed some killer blows on Clegg especially)

  14. Yougov gives it to Cameron over Clegg by 36-32 with Brown on 29. Thought it was pretty level but would go more for Clegg, whilst Brown was too arrogant for my liking.

  15. nick clegg is definately the most powerfull speaker and after his final speech i can actually imagine him as primeminister

  16. You’re right, that is completely unscientific. Angus Reid’s live poll currently has Clegg and Cameron within spitting distance of one another and Brown trailing 10 points off

  17. Any more polls tonight?

    Gordon Brown up 10% then from the last ddbate

  18. What is the margin of error on this poll?

  19. All three were much closer in terms of performance tonight I think. Clegg in my opinion performed about as well as last week, but the other two improved on their previous performances, Cameron especially – he was fire last time.

  20. I would have Cameron ahead, though not by much, and I thought Brown put in a sufficiently better performance from last time to tie with Clegg.

    Shame that the same questions seem to keep cropping up … and getting the same answers!

  21. ComRes apparently has NC 33 DC 30 GB 30

  22. Cameron was best (but I admit I am biased)
    Brown definitely second – good solid performance, safe pair of hands
    Clegg third – totally madcap ideas, trying far too hard to be short-term populist and no substance whatsoever.

  23. I think the leaders were finally contemplating a coalition Government. If you listen carefully they were not debating but discussing their terms and settling in public areas of disagreement. Many Labour voters will like Clegg’s stance on Trident.

  24. @Amber,

    Your inclusion of the changes since the last poll made me smile…… “debating swings” FTW!

  25. @Amber – nice update from last week.

    Cameron was better, but still not outstanding. Clegg a lot more flakey than last week but still not bad, slightly down on last week. Brown was up on down, thought he performed well last week and performed well this week did sometimes waffle on a bit – did have the best line – ‘Get real Nick’

  26. As Amber well knows I would not give G Brown the time of day. But, I thought he sounded like the Old War Horse who knew the the way to safety. God forbid, dont tell anyone I said that.

  27. …and AR apparently has NC 35 DC 32 GB 23.

    Both from Twitter so consider “rumours” for now

  28. Politically, you do not judge victory by the three scores you are given.

    Judge it by how the people expected them to do.

    And we do have polling evidence to compare it to.

    45% thought Cameron would win (in advance)
    11% thought Brown would win (in advance)

    So really, what you are doing is not measuring outright victory. Instead you measure against expectations.

    For the 60million that we cal the UK, Cameron did win.

    But who exceeded expectations the most… then we have only one answer.

  29. Really Keith that’s interesting if true – bet ITV run with the You Gov poll though.

  30. Oh dear …we are going to have horses for courses on here tonight.

    Ok …my rose tinted glasses say:-
    Brown much better
    Cameron better
    Clegg just ok

  31. @Eoin,

    I don’t think many people here expected Cameron to win. Not out in the open at least…

  32. I think the leaders were finally contemplating a coalition Government. If you listen carefully they were not debating but discussing their terms and then settling, in public, the areas of disagreement. Many Labour voters will like Clegg’s stance on Trident.

  33. Thought it was close with all three coming out top on specific questions.

    would rate it
    Brown 35, Clegg 33, Camron 32

  34. Gordon won In my book. I think he sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Nick Clegg had less substance than last week. David Cameron was was the worst. It was amazing he felt the need to complain about some Labour leaflets in the middle of an important debate, especially considering the Tory’s smear tactics. Astonishing. I also thought his policies sounded very outdated.

  35. Bown had substance and gave solid performance, I am not impressed by the other 2 who focus on PR and slickness over substance. It seems to me that there are too many sound bites from Clegg and Cameron….pretty disappointing when one is an undecided voter. What change is on offer again???

  36. the funniest aspect of this debate was that no-one attacked Clegg on the ‘trust in politicians’ question. Cameron mentioned cake tins, but that is as close as it got.

    I would score the debate 33.3/33.2/33.3 each!!!!

  37. OMG Keith – No gap between Lab and Tory, both on 30 – I FINALLY got a levels the devils?

  38. My favourite line was Clegg on Brown:

    “She asked a question about whether her vote counts and got an answer about tax credits”

    It was an open goal and Cameron should have got to that line before him and made more of it

    It is Gordon all over

    Cameron and Clegg pretty similar

    Brown was bloody awful

  39. @Neil A,

    I did not I must admit. Sky skewed it. Murdoch’s yellow brick road was really a Tin MAn with no heart.

    No yellow on stage was an indictment.
    To ask Clegg about media speculation was shocking.

    I do not watch number three but the dude on it last week was much better.

  40. It was a good debate and I agree with the YouGov poll result. Cameron was back on form. Clegg was less impressive this time but still held his own despite getting in a twist over Trident. Brown looked miserable and he may have some questions to answer re: these leaflets telling porkies about the Tories, which he said he knew nothing about but which someone has a copy of his ‘sign off’ approval. Will not do anything for his trust rating.

  41. I will not be voting Labour. However, that was an assured performance from Brown, no question. It’s just a shame about the economy, stupid.

    As for Cameron v Clegg (the battle of the heirs to Blair), I think DC was a clear winner.

    Overall on this debate I put Brown first, DC second, NC a distant third.

  42. ComRes/ITV: Clegg 33%, Brown 30% Cameron 30%.

  43. We’re all being completely unpartisan here, aren’t we?
    Here are my ratings.
    Brown 58, Clegg 33, Cameron 9.
    Completely unbiased you understand. ;)

  44. COMRES

    ” The Lib Dem leader clinched victory with 33 per cent of the vote, with Brown and Cameron neck and neck on 30 per cent.

    ***And a massive 36 per cent said they planned to vote Lib Dem after tonight’s debate – more than both the Tories and Labour*** “

  45. most of the sky reporters seem to have it in for anyone libdem. Does SKY have a hidden agenda ?? I suspect so!!

    personally I thought it very unfair that the Torygraph & mail were allowed to put out some smear on the day of the debate.

    I see Comres has given it to Clegg so thats 2 – 1 in polls to Clegg so far

  46. Are we seeing the first real evidence that Angus Reid’s panel is skee wiff?

  47. As it’s time for personal % results on the debate.

    Brown – 38%
    Cameron – 32%
    Clegg – 30%

  48. Although I reckon Clegg, Cameron, Brown,, it was so close that to the floating individual it would have been just one answer that would have swung it to whoever they decided was top-dog

  49. Poor moderation, but they did debate each other more.

    FWIW, thought Clegg was about the same as last week, other two came across better – DC a bit ahead of GB

  50. Apropos of nothing, but does anybody else think the ITV and Sky sets looked really cheap?

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