YouGov’s daily poll tonight has toplines of CON 33%(nc), LAB 30%(+2), LDEM 29%(-1). Labour are back into second place, but there isn’t really any significant change from yesterday, it’s just random sample error between the polls and while the parties remain this close we should expect to see some with the Lib Dems last, some with them first.

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  1. Given that local elections will take place on the same day two questions (at least) occur to me:

    (1) will the ‘national’ surge (if continued) benefit local members – or will local issues prevail;

    (2) if LD does – historically – better at local level will that local vote by a voter satisfy their need to support LD and allow the voter to then vote ‘for whom they were going to’ before the hullabalo ?

  2. What I find interesting is that NC thinks an amnesty for illegal immigrants wil bring in money in the form of tax. Well how many will earn more than £10k a year I ask! Pretty ironic to me…

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